Galaxy CB Radios

Galaxy CB radios are well known in the CB industry by the quality and feature packed lineup. CB radios with sideband, lighted faceplates and quality craftmanship are the key features.

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  1. Galaxy DX 959 CB Radio Left Side

    Galaxy DX 959 CB Radio with Sideband

    The Galaxy DX 959 CB radio has many great features including sideband and a 5 digit frequency counter. Sideband allows for 80 channels (40 above and 40 below) the standard 40 CB channels. The DX 959 also has talkback which allows the user to hear themselves over the speaker, this feature can be turned on or off and has volume control. Learn More
  2. Galaxy DX 979 CB Radio with Sideband Front

    Galaxy DX 979 CB Radio with Sideband

    Galaxy has included great features in the DX 979 CB radio. In the DX 979 you get single side band, a large meter showing SWR, modulation and power. Also in the Galaxy DX 979 CB radio the talkback function allows you to hear yourself over your own external speaker during transmissions. This CB radio has great features and functions for the beginner to the advanced users. Learn More
  3. Galaxy DX 2547 Base CB Radio

    Galaxy DX 2547 Base Station CB Radio

    The Galaxy DX 2547 is the only base station CB radio still in production. The DX 2547 has great features in addition to being a CB base station including single side band, 6 digit frequency counter, talkback and noise filter. The Galaxy DX 2547 can run on either AC or DC power depending on your application. Learn More
  4. Galaxy DX 929 CB Radio

    Galaxy DX 929 CB Radio

    The Galaxy DX 929 CB radio has the great features of the DX 919 but with an added unique backlit faceplate. The backlighting system looks like you are in a starfield. This is one of the most unique designs for a backlighting system ever! With the DX 929 you also get talkback and a large meter for your readouts of SWR, RF power and modulation. The smaller size of the DX929 CB radio means that you will have more mounting options when you install it. Learn More

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