Toyota Tundra Complete CB Antenna Kit

Toyota Tundra Complete CB Antenna Kit

The Toyota Tundra complete CB antenna kit has all the parts needed for your CB installation, aside from the radio. We have included only the very best mounts and antennas in this kit. You have your choice between fender, mirror, stake pocket and body antenna mounts. The Firestik FSII CB antenna is also included in this kit and comes in 2 sizes and 4 different colors. To get your CB antenna to peak performance, we have provided an SWR meter.
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The Toyota Tundra complete CB antenna kit includes a Firestik FSII CB antenna, 5 mounting possibilities, coax cable, and an SWR meter to get you started in the CB world.  The parts in this kit are easy to assemble and install which usually can be done in under an hour.  Two fender mounts for different vehicle years, a mirror/body mount, stake pocket mount can all be easily installed on the Tundra.

Parts Breakdown

CB Antenna - Firestik FSII
Firestik's proven quality over the years has made their reputation second to none in the CB antenna market.  The Firestik II series CB antenna takes that great quality and produces one of the best fiberglass CB antennas on the market.  The Firestik FS series CB antenna comes in 4 colors; black, blue, red, and white.  The FS antenna is made from a custom fiberglass reinforced shaft wound with heavy insulated copper wire. 

CB Antenna Mount - 2005-06 Fender Mount - Option 1
This CB antenna mount can be used on the 2005-06 Toyota Tundra.  It installs easily on the fender with no drilling required.  It attaches using an exisiting bolt under the hood channel on the driver's side.  The mount is made from stainless steel and includes a lug stud.

CB Antenna Mount - 2007 & Up Fender Mount - Option 2
Get that custom factory look with a CB antenna mount for your 2007 and up Toyota Tundra. Installation is a breeze since no drilling is required. It installs on the driver's side hood channel using factory bolt holes. The stainless steel construction means this mount is durable and will last you a long time.  

CB Antenna Mount - Firestik SS64A Mirror/Side Body Mount - Option 3
The Firestik SS64A is a versatile CB antenna mount. You can either use it as a vertical or horizontal mirror mount or take the clamp off and use it as a side mount for the bed of your pickup truck. The SS64A is made from the highest grade stainless steel and comes with the famous K4A CB antenna stud mount. Depending on your installation location, the SS64A can hold antennas up to 5' in height.  

CB Antenna Mount - Firestik SS294A Stake Pocket Mount - Option 4
The Firestik SS294A is a stake pocket CB antenna mount. The mount clamps into the stake pocket of any pickup truck. The SS294A includes the famous K4A stud which requires your coax cable to have a PL259 such as the K8A. This Firestik CB antenna mount is made from stainless steel which is great for durability. This mount should be used with at least a 4' antenna because of reflectivity of the cab. 


The installation for the Toyota Tundra complete CB antenna kit will vary depending on which mount you choose.  The installation with any mount chosen should be less than an hour.  SWR tuning after installation will take more time.  The Firestik FSII comes with a tuneable tip to make that SWR tuning easier.

What's In The Box

Firestik FSII CB Antenna
2005-06 Fender Mount / 2007 & Up Fender Mount / Firestik SS64A / Firestik SS294A
Firestik K8R18 or Premium Mini 8 Coaxial Cable (depending on mount)
SWR Meter with 18" Coax Jumper


As with all of the products sold by FTL Distributing, the Toyota Tundra complete CB Antenna Kit comes with a 2 Year Warranty. To request a return please contact us at


The range of the Toyota Tundra CB Antenna Kit will vary greatly depending on surroundings, weather, etc.  You can normally expect these ranges:

3' Firestik Antenna - 3-4 Miles
4' Firestik Antenna - 4-6 Miles