Toyota FJ Cruiser Complete CB Antenna Kit

Toyota FJ Cruiser Complete CB Antenna Kit

This complete CB antenna kit is made specifically for the Toyota FJ Cruiser. This kit includes the AllPro Bandi mount which AllPro developed specifically for the FJ Cruiser and installs easily. You also get a Firestik FSII CB antenna which is one of the best on the market today. The Firestik FSII comes in 2 sizes in this kit and 9 colors! Don't miss another off-road experience because you didn't get a complete CB antenna kit from FTL!
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The complete CB antenna kit for the Toyota FJ Cruiser includes all the parts you need except for the CB radio.  We have a large selection to choose from and almost any size CB radio will fit in the FJ Cruiser.  This kit includes a Firestik FSII CB antenna, 18' of premium coaxial cable, the All Pro Bandi Mount, a Firestik K4A antenna stud, and an SWR meter kit.  This CB antenna kit installs easily and was designed exclusively for the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Parts Breakdown

CB Antenna Mount - All Pro Bandi Mount
The Bandi Mount CB antenna mount is specifically designed for the Toyota FJ Cruiser. The mount is powder coated for a long lasting finish. It installs easily and holds antennas up to 5' in length. The Bandi Mount is made in the USA for quality assurance.

CB Antenna Stud - Firestik K4A
The Firestik K4A is the most popular CB antenna stud mount in the industry. With Firestik's quality components, the K4A outlasts all competitors. This CB antenna stud is designed to work with any coaxial cable with a PL259 connector. 

CB Antenna - Firestik FSII Series
Firestik's proven quality over the years has made their reputation second to none in the CB antenna market.  The Firestik II series CB antenna takes that great quality and produces one of the best fiberglass CB antennas on the market.  The Firestik FS series CB antenna comes in 4 colors; black, blue, red, and white.  The FS antenna is made from a custom fiberglass reinforced shaft wound with heavy insulated copper wire. 

CB Antenna Coaxial Cable - 18' Premium Mini 8 Coax Cable with PL259's
The premium coaxial cable jumpers are made from mini 8 coaxial cable which is much higher quality than the standard RG58.  The stranded center conductor allows for easy routing in tight spaces.  RF loss and interference is at a minimum thanks to the 95% shielding.  Each Belden jumper is individually tested to make sure it is up to specs before it gets to your door. 

SWR Meter - SWR Test Kit
This SWR meter testing kit includes the SWR meter itself and a 18" coax jumper. SWR testing is extremely important when setting up your new antenna. Just install all of your equipment, hook the meter up and start tuning to get the lowest SWR reading. 


For experienced CB users, this kit can be installed in under an hour.  For less experienced users, it shouldn't take much longer than that.  The Bandi Mount installs easily bolts on the rear door hinge.  The included Firestik K4A stud mount bolts to the Bandi Mount.  The coax cable then screws onto the bottom of the Firestik K4A and should be run up to where you mount your CB radio.

What's In The Box

All Pro Bandi Mount
Firestik K4A Stud Mount
Firestik FSII Antenna in either 3' or 4'
Premium 18' Coaxial Cable with PL259's
SWR Meter with 18" Coaxial Cable Jumper


As with all of the products sold by FTL Distributing, the Toyota FJ Cruiser CB Antenna Kit comes with a 2 Year Warranty.  To obtain warranty information on your product just send an email to


The range of the Toyota FJ Cruiser CB Antenna Kit will vary greatly depending on surroundings, weather, etc.  You can normally expect these ranges:

3' Firestik Antenna - 3-4 Miles
4' Firestik Antenna - 4-6 Miles