SWR Meter Testing Kit

SWR Meter Testing Kit

This SWR meter testing kit includes the SWR meter itself and an 18" coax jumper. SWR testing is extremely important when setting up your new antenna. Just install all of your equipment, hook the meter up and start tuning to get the lowest SWR reading.
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A low SWR reading is vital in using your CB radio correctly.  To acheive the lowest possible reading, install your CB antenna mount, antenna and radio; plug in your SWR meter and begin tuning.  This kit includes the SWR meter and an 18" coax jumper.  This SWR meter testing kit includes a 10 watt SWR meter and an 18" coax jumper.  The SWR meter can be permenantly installed in the coax line if you wish so you can take constant readings.  You can use this meter on either CB or 10 meter frequencies.  The 18" coaxial jumper is made of quality RG58 coax with soldered PL259 connectors.


Simply plug one end of your 18" coax jumper to the CB radio coax connector and the other end to the marked XMTR.  The coax cable from your CB antenna should plug into the other end marked ANT.  For information on how to use an SWR meter, see these instructions.

What's In The Box

SWR2T SWR Meter or Similar
18" RG58 Coax Jumper


The warranty on the SWR meter testing kit is a full two years thru FTL Distributing.  To obtain warranty information on your product just send an email to support@ftldist.com 

Product Dimensions

3.3" W x 2.2" H x 2.9" D