Stryker SR65BC Noise Cancelling CB Microphone

Stryker SR65BC Noise Cancelling CB Microphone

The Stryker SR65BC is the ultimate CB radio microphone. The unique design and quality construction is second to none. Stryker is known for making their products to be the best in the industry and their SR65BC microphone is certainly no exception. The Stryker SR65BC microphone has the highest quality noise cancelling cartridge for the best possible sound quality. The 4 pin connector comes pre-wired on the 9' coiled cord and fits any standard Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy or other 4 pin radio.
$ 42.95
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The Stryker SR65BC microphone has a military grade keying switch and the best possible noise cancelling cartridge available.  The chrome keying button matches the chrome inlays on the face of the SR65BC.  Quality and reliability were the main focus of the Stryker SR65BC which you will see as soon as you feel it.  The 4 pin pre-wired connector on the SR65BC will fit any 4 pin radio including Cobra, Uniden and Galaxy.  The main housing is made from high grade ABS plastic for durability and longevity.  The Stryker SR65BC microphone will keep any noisy enviroments from interfering in your communications.


The Stryker SR65BC installs into any 4 pin radio such as Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy or Midland.  The U-shaped cutout on the pin itself helps guide it into the appropriate position on the radio jack.

What's In The Box

Stryker SR65BC Microphone


Because we believe strongly in Stryker's commitment to quality, FTL offers a 2 year warranty on the SR65BC.  To obtain warranty information on your product just send an email to