Mopar® Licensed Jeep Wrangler JK CB Radio & Antenna Kit

Mopar® Licensed Jeep Wrangler JK CB Radio & Antenna Kit

The Mopar® C75JKANTKIT includes a CB radio and antenna kit, plus a few great options like a radio mount and a speaker.  If you are a stickler for having Mopar® approved parts, you need to add the C75JKANTKIT to your Wrangler JK today.  Download our sales flyer here Mopar Jeep JK CB Radio Kit Flyer
$ 249.95
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In the CB radio world, deciding on which products to purchase can be tricky.  There are so many options to choose between it can make your head spin!  The Mopar® licensed Jeep Wrangler JK CB radio and antenna kit combines the best in all categories.  Below you will find what is included in the kit and what you can expect out of each product.

CB Radio - Cobra 75WXST

The Cobra 75 WX ST CB radio is a full featured radio in the size of a handheld.  The 75 WX ST includes a control box to plug your CB antenna, external speaker and run the power from.  You can purchase more control boxes and install in multiple vehicle to move your 75 WX ST quickly and easily.  The main unit has 6 soft buttons to control channel memory, switching from CB to weather channels, Soundtracker, and instant channel 9/19.  There are also 2 dials to control the volume and squelch on the side.  The Cobra 75 WX ST has 10 NOAA weather channels so you can be aware of dangerous conditions.  There is a 10 foot coiled cord that attaches the main unit to the control box for easy access anywhere in your vehicle.  

CB Antenna - Mopar® 3' Fiberglass JKANTKIT

The Jeep Wrangler JK CB antenna kit has a 3' antenna, mount and coaxial cable in one package.  The mount is polished aluminum and installs easily on the spare tire carrier with the included bolts.  The black fiberglass CB antenna has a high strength inner fiberglass core wrapped in a UV inhibited PVC.  The antenna is a pre-tuned which can be tuned if necessary, but since this antenna was specifically designed for the Jeep Wrangler JK,  tuning is actually optional.

CB Radio Mount - JK75GBMOUNT

Most specialized CB radio mounts can be difficult and time consuming to install.  This grab bar mount installs in minutes and provides an excellent platform for your Cobra 75 WX ST CB radio.  The mount includes step-by-step instructions as well.  You want everything in your Jeep to last, right? From your suspension to transmission, well how about the mount for your radio? Most people don't really think about durability when it comes to radio mounts, but you don't want it to break or bend on the trail do you? This mount is made from slightly thicker steel than most mounts and is powder coated for even more protection.

CB Speaker - Mopar® JPCBSJI

Adding an external speaker to your CB radio setup can give you much better audio quality. Adding the Mopar®/Jeep® CB extension speaker not only gives you that better audio quality, but also gives you another piece of eye candy inside your vehicle. This speaker has an image of a Jeep on a hill embossed on the front of the grill for a pretty neat effect.