Mopar® Licensed Jeep CB Extension Speaker

Mopar® Licensed Jeep CB Extension Speaker

Adding an external speaker to your CB radio setup can give you much better audio quality. Adding the Mopar®/Jeep® CB extension speaker not only gives you that better audio quality, but also gives you another piece of eye candy inside your vehicle. This speaker has an image of a Jeep on a hill embossed on the front of the grill for a pretty neat effect.
$ 29.95
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Jeep Speaker Audio Power
Key Feature - 6 Watt Power
6 watts of power might not seem like much, but in a CB speaker, it's all that you need.Most radios have an audio chip that is only capable of generating 7 watts of audio power. The 6 watts in this speaker let's you hear your transmission audio much clearer than a stock in-radio speaker.

Key Feature - Mopar®/Jeep® Licensed Product
You may think it's pretty easy to just slap a Mopar or Jeep logo on items, but they actually go through design testing and quality tests to make sure the product is good enough for their name. These speakers passed with flying colors and proudly display both the Mopar® and Jeep® names.


 Jeep Wrangler Logo


  • 2 3/4" Heavy Duty Extension Speaker
  • 6 ft. Cord with 3.5mm Plug
  • Swiveled Mounting Bracket
  • Maximum Input - 6 Watts
  • Impedance - 8 Ohms
  • Dimensions - 82x82x59 W/H/D (mm)