Galaxy DX 959 CB Radio with Sideband

Galaxy DX 959 CB Radio with Sideband

The Galaxy DX 959 CB radio has many great features including sideband and a 5 digit frequency counter. Sideband allows for 80 channels (40 above and 40 below) the standard 40 CB channels. The DX 959 also has talkback which allows the user to hear themselves over the speaker, this feature can be turned on or off and has volume control.


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The Galaxy DX 959 CB radio's main feature is the addition of sideband.  Sideband CB radios have an additional 80 channels available with more power on those frequencies.  The DX 959 also has a noise filter built-in to reduce external noise such as engine noise.  Don't forget about the 5 digit frequency display to see exactly where you are in the set of frequencies.  The Galaxy DX 959 CB radio is the flagship of the Galaxy CB radio lineup.  The DX 959 not only has the Galaxy name which is in high regard in the communication industry, it also has sideband.  Sideband adds 80 channels above and below the standard 40 in the CB band.  The good thing about sideband is you get 12 watts of  transmit power rather than the standard 4 watts allowed on the normal 40 channels.  The only drawback is that to talk to someone on the sideband frequencies, they need to have a sideband CB radio as well.  The Galaxy DX 959 also has talkback which allows you to hear yourself talk over your external speaker.  The built-in noise filter helps reduce the outside interference to make your transmissions and receive more clear.


The Galaxy DX 959 CB radio includes a mounting bracket and screws to aid you in the installation in your vehicle.  The 12 volt power cord, which is included, should be wired directly to your battery for the cleanest power.  The SO-239 antenna connector is located on the back of the DX 959.

What's In The Box

Galaxy DX 959 CB Radio
4 Pin Dynamic Microphone
12 Volt Power Cord with Fuse
Radio Mounting Bracket & Knobs
Owner's Manual


Galaxy CB radios carry a 2 year warranty.  This DX 959 CB radio must only be returned or repaired at Galaxy.  Unfortunately, FTL Distributing can not accept returns on this radio.


7-7/8"(Wide) x 9-1/4"(Deep) x 2-1/8"(Height)