Ford F250 Complete CB Antenna Kit

Ford F250 Complete CB Antenna Kit

For owners of the Ford F250 truck series, we have put together a CB antenna kit just for you. The kit includes the Firestik FSII fiberglass series antenna. This durable antenna has a thick fiberglass core and insulated copper wire to prevent shorts. It is available in 9 colors to match any vehicle. There are 3 different fender mounts for different years but they all are made from stainless steel for the best protection from the elements. These mounts are all made specifically for that model year so no drilling is necessary for mounting, they use an existing bolt under the hood to secure it down. The SS64A mount can be used in a few ways; as a standard mirror mount and a vertical side body mount (for mounting on the truck bed directly or a tool box). The SS294A installs in one of the stake pockets for another no drilling option. Whichever mount you choose, it comes with premium coax cable specific for that mount. Also included in the kit is an SWR meter testing kit, so you get the best performance possible from your CB antenna.
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CB Antenna - Firestik FSII
The Firestik II FS series is a rugged fiberglass CB antenna made the the finest materials available. Along with the solid fiberglass core, the wire winding around it is insulated to prevent oxidation and shorts, unlike many cheaper antennas. This antenna has a tuneable tip to make SWR tuning extremely easy. It is available in 9 different colors to match your vehicle if you wish. The FS series is the most dependable, durable fiberglass antenna on the market today.

CB Antenna Mount - 1999-2009 Fender Mount - Option 1
The 1999-2009 Ford F250 & F350 CB antenna mount is made from high quality stainless steel for years of rust-free use. The mount can hold up to a 4 foot CB antenna. It requires either ring terminal coax cable or the Firestik Fire Ring for proper installation. This CB antenna mount installs with no drilling necessary on the fender of the driver's side using a factory bolt to secure it down.

CB Antenna Mount - 2010-2011 Fender Mount - Option 2
Looking for a CB antenna mount for your 2010-2011 Ford F150 or F250? This mount installs on the front driver's side fender using a factory bolt to secure down, all without drilling new holes! It is made from quality stainless steel for years of rust-free use. The included stud has a lug style coax connection, so ring terminal coax cable or the Firestik Fire Ring is required.

CB Antenna Mount - 2012 & Up Fender Mount - Option 3
This CB antenna mount was designed exclusively for the 2011-2014 Ford F350 and 2012-2014 F250 trucks. It installs easily with a factory bolt on the driver's side fender. The stud included is a lug style which requires ring terminal coax cable or the Firestik Fire Ring type which you can find in our coax category. To help protect your mount from rust, it is made from stainless steel for a lifetime of use. Installation takes minutes since no drilling is required.

CB Antenna Mount - Firestik SS64A Mirror/Side Body Mount - Option 4
The Firestik SS64A is a classic CB antenna mirror mount. It is made from 100% American Made stainless steel for enhanced weather protection. The mount can be adjusted to work on both vertical and horizontal bars up to 0.85" in diameter. It also works on vertical flat surfaces when you remove the inner bracket. The included Firestik K4A stud mount handles most common antennas with a 3/8 x 24 threaded connection and any coax cable terminated with a PL259 connector.

CB Antenna Mount - Firestik SS294A Stake Pocket Mount - Option 5
The Firestik SS294A stake pocket CB antenna mount will fit on almost any pickup truck with a proper stake hole. It is made from quality stainless steel for durability so you never have to worry about rust. The included K4A stud mount holds up to a 4 foot antenna which is recommended due to problems of reflection in that area of the vehicle. If you can't access underneath the pocket to install the coax cable, try the MK294 kit which includes the lower profile Fire Ring connector.

CB Antenna Coaxial Cable - 18' Premium Mini 8 Coax Cable with PL259's
The premium Mini 8 CB radio coaxial cable is the highest quality coax on the market today. Mini 8 coax far exceeds standard RG58 in terms of power handling and RF loss prevention. The coax cable has 95% shielding to further prevent RF loss. Quality PL259's are soldered with precision to give you the best possible signal.

SWR Meter - SWR Test Kit
Having an SWR meter is vital in keeping your CB antenna at peak performance. After installing your CB antenna, you should always check your SWR and tune accordingly. This small 10 watt meter works on all CB radio and antennas. We have also included a small coax jumper to connect from the meter to your CB radio.