Firestik No Ground CB Antenna Kit Side Mount LG

Firestik No Ground CB Antenna Kit Side Mount LG

The Firestik LGM2 No Ground CB Antenna kit can give you great performance even if you do not have a metal ground to attach to. This Firestik kit was specifically designed for installations on vehicles such as RV's which have little to no metal to attach a CB antenna mount to.
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The Firestik LGM2 no ground CB antenna kit is perfect for vehicles with no metal to ground their antennas to.  The lightweight LG CB antenna is similar to the Firefly, but was designed to work exclusively on no ground enviroments.  RV's, ATV's and motorcycles are the most common vehicles that lack a metal ground plane and would benefit from the Firestik LGM2 no ground antenna kit.  The Firestik M2 molded side body mount installs on any vertical surface available on the vehicle with 2 bolts.  18' of specialized coaxial cable is also included with the LGM2 no ground kit.  This cable works in conjunction with the specialized CB antenna to produce the best possible performance from a no ground CB antenna.

Parts Breakdown

Specialized LG CB Antenna

  • Lightweight Design
  • Specifically For No Ground Installations
  • 100 Watt Power Capacity
  • Available in 3 or 4 foot
  • Black or White 

CB Antenna Mount

  • Molded Black Plastic Side Mount
  • All Hardware & Connection Inside Vehicle For Better Weather Protection

Coaxial Cable

  • Specifically Designed For No Ground Antennas
  • 18' Length
  • PL259 to Ring Terminal Connections
  • Double Shielded To Prevent Loss


Installation will vary depending on your vehicle, but you should find a spot to mount your antenna mount (vertical surface).  Drill holes according to mount's bolt placement.  Connect your coaxial cable from the mount to the CB radio.  Attach the specialized LG CB antenna to the mount.  Tune for best possible SWR.  (Note:  Due to the lack of metal ground plane, your SWR will most likely not be perfect, but an SWR reading of lower than 2.0:1 should be considered safe to use.)

What's In The Box

Firestik LG CB Antenna
Firestik M2 Side Body Mount
Firestik K8NGP Coaxial Cable
Microphone Hanger (Free)


Firestik offers a 5 year limited warranty on the LGM2 no ground CB antenna kit.  This does not cover damages caused by abuse, misuse, negligence (i.e. hitting overhead objects, improper installation) are considered to be avoidable circumstances.  FTL Distributing offers a 2 year warranty on everything purchased here.  To obtain warranty information on your product just send an email to


The range of the Firestik LGM2 no ground CB antenna kit will vary greatly depending on surroundings, weather, etc.  You can normally expect these ranges:

3' LG3M2 1-2 Miles
4' LG4M2 2-4 Miles

Sizes & Colors

The Firestik LGM2 No Ground CB Antenna Kit comes in 2 lengths (3' & 4') and 2 colors including Black and White.