Firestik MU8R18 18' EZ-Install CB Coaxial Cable

Firestik MU8R18 18' EZ-Install CB Coaxial Cable

Firestik has made it easy to install your CB antenna with their MU8R18 18' EZ-Install coaxial cable. At one end, you have the famous Fire Ring connection and on the other you have the very small FME connector which can fit through holes only 7/16" as opposed to finding/cutting a hole 1" or larger. Once the coax is routed, just screw-on the supplied FME to PL259 adapter and plug into your radio. The Fire Ring connector is made for the K4R stud mount which has a little longer bolt than the standard K4 stud. The connection from coax to CB antenna with the Fire Ring is unparalleled to any other system.
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The Firestik MU8R18 coax cable features a small FME connector so you can route your cable through any small opening, rather than cut a large hole for a standard PL259 connector.  The MU8R18 comes with an FME to PL259 adapter so you can hook up to your CB radio.  Installation of the Fire Ring connector is also very simple, however it does require a Firestik K4R stud.  The black RG58 cable in the MU8R18 has a stranded center conductor for easy routing as well as 95% shielding for maximum RF loss protection.


Installing the Firestik MU8R18 is very easy.  The FME connector can be routed through tight spaces and includes a FME to PL259 adapter for your radio hookup.  The Fire Ring connector installs on a K4R stud mount with no soldering required.  The Firestik MU8R18 includes a few mounting brackets to keep your coax from being damaged on moving parts or heat sources.


Firestik offers a 1 year limited warranty on their MU8R18 coax cable.  FTL Distributing covers the MU8R18 for 2 years.  To obtain warranty information on your product just send an email to

Technical Specifications 

Coax Cable Type - RG58A/U
Shielding - 95%
Impedance - 50 Ohm
Insulation - Polyvinyl
Center Conductor - Stranded Copper
Connectors - FME to Fire Ring (FME to PL259 Adapter Included) 


Inside Fire Ring Connector