Firestik MU-9R18 18' EZ-Install Dual Coaxial Cable

Firestik MU-9R18 18' EZ-Install Dual Coaxial Cable

Firestik has made your CB antenna installation a lot easier with the EZ-Install dual coax cable. You get two 18' RG59's with FME to the famous Fire-Ring connectors. The FME connectors are considerably thinner than the standard PL259 which means routing through tight spaces is a snap. When finished, Firestik includes a dual FME to single PL259 to connect to your CB radio.
$ 44.95
  • Category: CB Accessories, CB Radio Coax Cable and Connectors

The Firestik MU9R18 is an 18' cophase harnass comprised of two seperate cables with FME to Fire Ring connectors.  There is an included FME to PL259 adapter for your CB radio.  The Fire Ring connectors will require the K4R stud mount for a quality installation.

  • 18' Length
  • (2) RG59 coax cables
  • (1) Dual FME to Single PL259 Adapter
  • Stranded Center Conductor for Maximum Protection Against Breakage

Fire Ring Coax View

Fire Ring Installation