Firestik MK784R Trunk Lip Mount with 18' Coax Cable

Firestik MK784R Trunk Lip Mount with 18' Coax Cable

The Firestik MK784R is a combo CB antenna kit including the K74 trunk lip CB antenna mount and 18' of quality RG58 coax cable with a Fire Ring connector for your antenna and PL259 for your CB radio. The mount installs easily with no drilling necessary to almost any vehicle's trunk. There are two allen head screws to tighten the mount down and has padded feet to not damage your vehicle. The coax cable is Firestik's Fire Flex which has 95% shielding to prevent RF interference. The cable has a Fire Ring connector on one end to connect to the trunk lip mount and the other is left unprocessed to make routing through the vehicle much easier. Once finished, they have included a PL259 connector to be soldered onto the cable.
$ 29.95
  • Category: CB Accessories, CB Antenna Mounts

CB Antenna Mount Details

  • 2 Set Screws For Greater Grip
  • Only 2" Wide x 2.5" Deep x 3.1" Tall
  • Black
  • Fire Ring Connection (Kit Includes 18' Fire Ring CB Coax Cable)
  • For Antennas up to 3'
  • Rubber Bumpers To Protect Vehicle Finish

CB Coax Cable Details

  • Fire Ring connection
  • 18 Foot Length
  • PL259 Included But Not Installed To Make Routing Easier
  • Stranded center conductor to maximize flexibility and prevent untimely breakage.
  • Shielding coverage that averages 95% to protect against RF leaks and interference.
  • Polyvinyl center insulation for ruggedness and longevity.
  • Performance that exceeds mil-spec requirements for 50 ohm RG-58A/U coax.