Firestik KW CB Antenna

Firestik KW CB Antenna

The Firestik KW CB antenna is the original Firestik antenna. Since the late 70's, the KW CB antenna has proven itself time and time again. The quality craftsmanship and durability leave all others in the dust. Firestik's brand is well known in the CB industry and their antennas are proof of their quality.
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The Firestik KW series CB antenna has a heavy duty fiberglass core for maximum durability.  The copper wire is insulated to protect from shorts and is wound to precise standards for maximum efficiency.  There are 6 different lengths and 3 colors to choose from (the red antenna has a white weatherproof cap, the black and white have a red weatherproof cap)  The Firestik KW CB antennas are pre-tuned to work on the CB frequency range but should be tuned for proper SWR after installation.


The Firestik KW CB antenna has a 3/8" x 24 threaded ferrule that can be installed on any 3/8" x 24 compatible stud mount including the Firestik K4A.  Simply tighten the KW antenna down, tune, and your ready to go!

What's In The Box

In the package, you will receive the Firestik KW antenna, weather cap and installation notes.


Firestik offers a 5 year limited warranty on the KW CB antenna.  This does not cover damages caused by abuse, misuse, negligence (i.e. hitting overhead objects, improper installation) are considered to be avoidable circumstances.  FTL Distributing offers a 2 year warranty on the KW CB antenna.  To obtain warranty information on your product just send an email to


The range of the Firestik KW will vary greatly depending on surroundings, weather, etc.  You can normally expect these ranges:

2' KW2  2-3 Miles
3' KW3  3-4 Miles
4' KW4  4-6 Miles
5' KW5  5-7 Miles
6' KW6  7-8 Miles
7' KW7  8-10 Miles 

Sizes & Colors

The Firestik FSII comes in 6 lengths (2', 3', 4', 5', 6' & 7') and 3 colors including Black, Red and White


The Firestik KW CB antenna is pretuned at the factory but may need adjustment when installed.  If the SWR is greater on Channel 40 than on Channel 1, then you have an electrically long antenna and need to trim a little off the top load wire (very small amounts).  If the SWR is greater on Channel 1 than on Channel 40, then you have a electrically short antenna and need to make it longer, the only way to do that is to add a spring or quick disconnect to make it longer.

Power Handling

2' KW2 - 100 Watts
3' KW3 - 300 Watts
4' KW4 - 400 Watts
5' KW5 - 500 Watts
6' KW6 - 600 Watts
7' KW7 - 700 Watts