Firestik K4R CB Antenna Stud Mount

Firestik K4R CB Antenna Stud Mount

The Firestik K4R CB antenna stud mount is specifically designed for the famous Fire-Ring coaxial cable. The K4R is constructed of chrome plated brass with a stainless steel center pin for maximum durability. The Firestik K4R is the most efficient way of bridging the gap between the CB antenna and mount without loss.
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The Firestik K4R is a stud that fits into your CB antenna mount.  Firestik has designed the K4R to work precisely with the Fire Ring coax cables for the best connection possible.  The K4R has a 1.25" bolt to allow for the larger Fire Ring connector.  The chrome plated brass K4R has a nylon insulator and a stainless steel center pin for the most durable stud mount available.


The Firestik K4R can be installed on either side of the antenna mount but needs the nylon insulator and lock washer installed properly. (See image above)

What's In The Box

Firestik K4R Stud


Firestik offers a 1 year limited warranty on the K4R.  FTL Distributing offers another year warranty after Firestik's warranty has ended on the Firestik K1A.  To obtain warranty information on your product just send an email to

Technical Specifications

Insulator - Nylon
Bolt Size - 1.25"
Hex Size - 5/8"
Material - Chrome Plated Brass
Coax Connector - Fire Ring 

Firestik K4R Installation