Firestik K48R18 18' FireRing Coaxial Cable with K4R Stud

Firestik K48R18 18' FireRing Coaxial Cable with K4R Stud

The Firestik K48R18 is an 18' RG58 coaxial cable with the famous FireRing connection for your antenna. It also includes the K4R stud which is specifically designed for the FireRing. The other end uses a PL259 connector for your CB radio, this PL259 is not attached for easy routing and needs to be soldered on when finished. Firestik uses a stranded center conductor for protection against breakage.
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The Firestik K48R18 is simply the K8R18 18' RG58 coax cable with a Fire Ring connector and includes the K4R stud mount.  This combo saves you money if the K8R18 and K4R were purchased seperately.  The RG58 coax cable is 95% shielded to protect against RF loss and other interference.  The stranded center conductor on the coax cable allows for easy manueverability when trying to fit through twisting and tight spaces.  The Fire Ring connection is one of the best connections in the industry and one of the easiest to install.


The Firestik K48R18 coax cable uses the Fire Ring connection and has a K4R Fire Ring stud included.  See the image for correct stud and ring placements.  Remember that a mount is still necessary.  Most mounts have studs included, but can easily be swapped out for the K4R stud.  Once routing is completed from radio to antenna, you must solder the PL259 connector on the end with no connector.  

What's In The Box

Firestik K8R18 18' Coaxial Cable
Firestik K4R Stud Mount
PL259 Connector


Firestik offers a 1 year limited warranty on their K8R18 coax cable and the K4R stud.  FTL Distributing covers both for 2 years.  To obtain warranty information on your product just send an email to

Technical Specifications 

Coax Cable Type - RG58A/U
Shielding - 95%
Impedance - 50 Ohm
Insulation - Polyvinyl
Center Conductor - Stranded Copper
Connectors - Fire Ring to PL259 (Included But Not Attached)