Firestik FG No Ground CB Antenna Kit

Firestik FG No Ground CB Antenna Kit

The Firestik FG No Ground CB Antenna kit is specifically designed for installations that do not have a metal ground to install on. If you are installing on an RV or any plastic, fiberglass or wood area, you need a no-ground antenna.

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The Firestik FG648 no ground CB antenna kit is a perfect solution for installing a CB antenna on an RV, motorhome, or other vehicle without a proper metal ground.  The specialized no ground kits have a purpose built CB antenna and coaxial cable.  This Firestik no ground CB antenna kit can also be used almost anywhere since grounding is not necessary such as apartments, wooden balconies, etc.  The no ground kit comes with a 5/8 wave Firestik antenna similar to the famous FSII but has an isolated ground plane built-in, along with the special 17' K8NGP coaxial cable.  The 3 way mirror mount can be installed on a mirror arm or when you take the back plate off, you can use it on any vertical surface.  For better durability, the Firestik FG648 no ground CB antenna kit also includes a stainless steel spring.  When you purchase the FG648 kit, you also get a Firestik MH20 microphone hanger as a free bonus!

What's In The Box

Firestik FG CB Antenna
Firestik SS64 CB Antenna Mount
Firestik K8NGP Coaxial Cable
Firestik SS3M or SS3H Antenna Spring
Firestik MH20 Microphone Hanger
Complete Instructions (on Back of Product)


Installation will vary by vehicle.  The SS64 mount can be installed on either the mirror arms or by removing the backplate, can be installed on any vertical surface.  The coaxial cable comes without the ring terminal connector installed for easy routing.  Soldering is suggested, but crimping it also possible.  The FG CB antenna has a tuneable tip for easier SWR tuning once everything is installed.  Complete instructions are included with the kit.


Firestik offers a 5 year limited warranty on the FG648 CB antenna only.  The mount and spring have a 2 year warranty and the coax cable carries a 1 year warranty.  This does not cover damages caused by abuse, misuse, negligence (i.e. hitting overhead objects, improper installation) are considered to be avoidable circumstances.  FTL Distributing offers a 2 year warranty on everything purchased here.  To obtain warranty information on your product just send an email to


The range of the Firestik FG648 No Ground CB Antenna Kit will vary greatly depending on surroundings, weather, etc.  You can normally expect these ranges:

2' FG  1-2 Miles
3' FG  2-3 Miles
4' FG  3-4 Miles

Sizes & Colors

The Firestik FG648 No Ground CB Antenna Kit comes in 3 lengths (2', 3' & 4') and 2 colors including Black and White.


The Firestik FG No Ground CB antenna has a tuneable tip for easy SWR tuning.  If the SWR is greater on Channel 40 than on Channel 1, then you have an electrically long antenna and need to make it smaller by screwing in the tip or removing it (if necessary).  If the SWR is greater on Channel 1 than on Channel 40, then you have a electrically short antenna and need to unscrew the tip (to make it longer) or you can add a spring or quick disconnect to make it longer.

Parts Description

CB Antenna - Firestik FG No Ground Antenna
This no ground CB antenna is specially designed for no ground installations.  They have a isolated ground plane built-in that works with specialized coaxial cable. These antennas are designed only to work with no ground systems. They feature a tuneable tip just like the FSII antenna. The FG CB antenna comes in white or black and in lengths of 2', 3' & 4'.

CB Antenna Mount - Firestik SS64
The Firestik SS64 can be used on a mirror arm or remove the clamp to use as a side body mount such as on a Jeep Wrangler tub. The stainless steel construction of the SS64 makes this mount last longer than cheaper mounts. The SS64 includes the Firestik K4 stud mount which is a lug style; this means you need a ring terminal coax cable like the Firestik K8. This CB antenna mount can sufficiently hold antennas up to 5' in length. 

CB Coaxial Cable - Firestik K8NGP
17' of high quality coaxial cable specially designed for no ground installations.  The K8NGP has 95% shielding for better protection against RF loss.  This coaxial cable is a tuned circuit between the radio and antenna which helps in no ground installations.  One end has a PL259 to connect to your radio and the other end has a ring terminal connection to connect to the SS64 mount.

CB Antenna Spring - Firestik SS3M or SS3H (Depending on antenna size)
The Firestik SS3H heavy duty CB antenna spring can help prevent damage to either your mount or the CB antenna itself. CB antenna springs are designed to lessen the shock put on your equipment by either wind load or overhanging obstacles. We recommend all CB antennas use a spring no matter which mount you decide to use. 
The Firestik SS3M is a medium duty spring capable of handling up to 2' fiberglass antenna or a 3' lightweight antenna. Springs for your CB antenna can help reduce the likelihood of breakage from either heavy wind load or overhanging obstacles. The Firestik SS3M CB antenna spring allows your antenna to move if struck by an obstacle without breaking either itself or the mount itself.