Firestik Dual CB Antenna Kit

Firestik Dual CB Antenna Kit

The Firestik dual CB antenna kit is designed for the professional who wants the maximum performance from their CB radio. Tests have indicated that a dual or "co-phase" CB antenna installation has greater field strength in front of and behind the vehicle.
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The Firestik FS64A9A dual CB antenna kit was designed for professionals in mind.  The co-phased fiberglass CB antennas are great for OTR truckers who need greater performance in front of and behind their rig.  For proper operation, the CB antennas should be spaced at least 5 ft. apart.  The dual mirror mounts included can be used on standard truck mirrors or as vertical flat surface mounts such as on the back of truck beds.  The Firestik FSII CB antennas included are made from heavy duty fiberglass cores wound with insulated copper wire for maximum performance.  Everything you need for proper installation is included aside from the CB radio itself.


To install the Firestik FS64A9A dual CB antenna kit, pick a spot on your vehicle that can accept the mirror mounts, such as truck mirror arms or vertical flat surfaces such as pickup truck beds.  Make sure the distance between the two is greater than 5 ft. otherwise the dual antennas will not function as expected.  The 18' co-phased coaxial cable harnass gets plugged into the two mirror mount studs, then plugged into the back of the CB radio.  Install the two CB antennas on the mirror mounts and use an SWR meter to tune your system properly.  Adjust the tuneable tips on the CB antennas until an optimum SWR is reached.

What's In The Box

The Firestik FS64A9A dual CB antenna kit includes (2) FSII CB Antennas, (2) K64A Mirror Mounts, (1) 18' RG59 Co-Phase coaxial cable harnass, (2) stainless steel springs and a free microphone hanger.  Installation notes are also included.


 This Firestik dual CB antenna kit has a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer on the CB antennas and a 1 year warranty on the mounts, cable and springs.  This does not cover damages caused by abuse, misuse, negligence (i.e. hitting overhead objects, improper installation) are considered to be avoidable circumstances. FTL Distributing offers a 2 year warranty on all products purchased.  To obtain warranty information on your product just send an email to


The Firestik FS64A9A dual CB antenna kit's range can vary based on surroundings, weather conditions and installation.  The 3' kit can have a range of 4-6 miles while the 4' kit range can be 5-7 miles

Sizes and Colors

This dual CB antenna kit comes in either 3' or 4' lengths and either black or white. 3' (FS364A9A) & 4' (FS464A9A)