Dual CB Mirror Mount Antenna Kit

Dual CB Mirror Mount Antenna Kit

This dual CB antenna mirror mount kit includes everything you need for a successful installation. Included in the package is are two fiberglass antennas rated at 750 watts, two chrome plated 3 way single groove mirror mounts, and 9' of RG59 co-phase coax with PL-259's.
$ 34.95
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Get a great CB antenna kit with two fiberglass antennas, two mirror mounts and 9' of co-phase RG59 coax cable with PL259's terminated on the ends.  The fiberglass CB antennas can handle up to 750 watts of power and are pre-tuned for the CB band.

Antenna Features:

  • Top Loaded with UV Stabilized Anti-Static Vinyl Jacket
  • 20 Gauge Copper Wire
  • 750 Watt Power Rating
  • Fiberglass Construction
  • Available in Black
  • Also Available in 2', 3' or 4' Lengths

Mirror Mount Features:

  • Heavy Duty Chrome Plated
  • Can Adjust 3 Ways
  • Single Groove
  • Includes SO-239 Stud

Coax Features:

  • 9' Length
  • Black Outer Jacket
  • 95% Bare Copper Braid
  • Includes PL-259's For Fast Installation