Cobra AC Wall Charger For Handheld CB Radios

Cobra AC Wall Charger For Handheld CB Radios

Nothing is worse than running out of battery power. This Cobra AC wall charger is made for the HH38WXST handheld CB radio to charge your batteries. It also works on a few other CB radios from Cobra.
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The Cobra CA45CB AC wall charger works with most of the Cobra handheld CB radios including the HH 38 WX ST.  Wall chargers are great to charge up the batteries in your handheld CB radio before you head out.  Using Ni-CAD batteries, the total charge time is about 12 hours, while using NiMH batteries is about 24 hours for a full charge.  Remember this only works with rechargeable batteries in your handheld CB radio.


Simply plug the AC wall charger into any standard home socket and the other end into your Cobra handheld CB radio.

What's In The Box

Cobra CA45CB AC Wall Charger


FTL Distributing offers a full 2 year warranty on the Cobra CA45CB AC Wall Charger.  To obtain warranty information on your product just send an email to


This plug-in charger is compatible with the following models:

  • PR1000
  • PR2000 WX
  • HH 28
  • HH 37 ST
  • HH 38 WX ST
  • HH 45 WX (with the CA-45B battery pack)
  • HH 45 WX ST (with the CA-45B battery pack_
  • HH 46 WX
  • HH Roadtrip