Cobra 29 LX CB Radio

Cobra 29 LX CB Radio

The Cobra 29 LX CB radio features a large color changing modern LCD display. With such features as weather, talkback and Delta Tune; the Cobra 29 LX is sure to attract anyone looking for a modern CB Radio.
$ 119.95
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The Cobra 29 LX CB radio has many new and unique functions.  The radio check diagnostic program can automatically check for issues regarding power and antenna problems.  The 29 LX also has 10 weather channels and an emergency weather alert tone which can help you while your on the road and can't check on bad weather that may be approaching.  The design of the Cobra 29 LX CB radio is also a first with an all digital screen.  With only one dial, you can access all the functions of the 29 LX.  The 4 color changing screen is also a new function of the 29 LX.  The 29 LX has 10 memory channels so you can save your favorite channels and access them quickly and easily.


The Cobra 29 LX CB radio has a removeable 3 pin power plug which connects directly to your vehicle's battery (recommended).  The box includes a mounting bracket and mounting knobs to install your 29 LX almost anywhere within reach.  Running the power cord thru the firewall to the battery is the best way to power the 29 LX but you can also purchase a cigarette lighter plug to easily plug into any 12V outlet in your vehicle.


The warranty on the 29 LX CB radio is a full two years thru Cobra directly or FTL Distributing.

What's In The Box

The Cobra 29 LX CB radio includes the 29 LX CB radio itself, a 12 volt power cord, a Cobra dynamic CB microphone, the radio installation bracket with hardware, a microphone hanger and the owner's manual.


The Cobra 29 LX is 8.63"L (across) x 7.25"W (deep) x 2.25"H (height)