Cobra 19 DX IV Compact CB Radio

Cobra 19 DX IV Compact CB Radio

The Cobra 19 DX IV is a compact and inexpensive CB radio. It is the next generation after the 19 DX III. This radio uses a completely digital readout to indicate functions such as a combination S/RF meter and channel readout.
$ 54.95
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The Cobra 19 DX IV is a compact CB radio in a brand new design.  This radio has a unique design that is more modern than previous CB radios.  With a large LCD display for viewing your channel and S/RF power, you can view all the useful information without the need for a magnifiying glass!  The 19 DX IV has only 3 knobs for On/Off/Volume, Squelch/RF Gain, and Channel.  There are also 2 small buttons for instant channel 9 and to change from CB to your public address feature.  The compact size allows the Cobra 19 DX IV to be mounted almost anywhere in any vehicle, large or small.  



RF Gain Adjusts receive gain in weak and strong signal areas.
4 Pin Screw-On Mic Connector Convenient removal of mic for storage and easy reach from anywhere inside the vehicle
Power On/Off and volume control
Squelch Control Elimiates background noise in the absence of a signal
Stylized Design Reflecting the trends in new deisgns, sculpted features and muted graphics which give it a dynamic look that will compliment any of today's vehicles.
Compact Design Easily installed into most cars and trucks
Combination S/RF Meter Indicates incoming signal strength and output RF power output.
CB/PA Selects CB operation or public address (PA) operation for communication outside of the vehicle with PA horn (not supplied).