Astatic PL259 Connector

Astatic PL259 Connector

The Astatic PL 259 connector is a high quality coaxial cable connector for RG8 cable. You can add a reducer to fit RG8X (Mini 8), RG58 or RG59 coaxial cable.
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The Astatic PL 259 is a high quality connector for use on RG8 coaxial cable.  You can add a reducer to work on Mini 8, RG58 or RG59 cable types.  This is a solder on connector so soldering talent is required.


Strip the outer covering of the coaxial cable down to the size of the PL 259 connector. Pull the braid back, cut the white insulation off of the center conductor, but leave about 3/8" at the bottom. Insert outer piece of PL259 first then, install the inner piece of the PL 259 until you see the white piece of insulation through the small hole on the inner connector.  Trim remaining braid back, but leave 1/8" showing.  Continue threading inner piece until braid is not showing. Trim center conductor flush with inner piece shaft and solder.  Thread outer piece over inner piece and your ready to install!

What's In The Box

Astatic PL 259 Connector


FTL Distributing offers a full 2 year warranty on the Astatic PL 259 connector.  To obtain warranty information on your product just send an email to