Astatic PDC7 SWR Meter Compact 10 Watts

Astatic PDC7 SWR Meter Compact 10 Watts

The Astatic PDC7 SWR meter is great for any CB radio. 10 watts is the maximum this meter can support, so your 4 watt CB radio is plenty of power for the PDC7. SWR meters are extremely important to tune your CB antenna. To get the maximum range and clarity from your CB antenna. As with all SWR meters sold by FTL Distributing, you get a short coaxial jumper to hook to your CB radio for free.
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The Astatic PDC7 SWR meter accurately measures your SWR to make sure your CB antenna is tuned properly.  The PDC7 can also measure your RF power up to 10 watts.  The Astatic PDC7 SWR meter can be installed in your antenna line continuously if you like to keep a constant eye on your performance.


The PDC7 SWR meter installs in your CB antenna coax line.  There is an SO239 (female) input to go from the antenna and another SO239 to go to the CB radio.  Once installed, it can be left in the line continuously.

What's In The Box

Astatic PDC7 SWR Meter
Instruction Sheet
18" RG58 Coaxial Cable


FTL Distributing offers a full 2 year warranty on the Astatic PDC7 SWR meter.  To obtain warranty information on your product just send an email to