Which Antenna Spring Should You Purchase?

Antenna springs are an important part of your installation process. Why do you need a spring, you ask? Springs can take a lot of the punishment off your antenna, stud, and mount. Think about the springs in your car; if you didn't have them your spine would be shattered by the potholes, bumps, and other road hazards. That is exactly what happens to your antenna. If you drive through low hanging branches or simply in windy conditions, your antenna sways and if it sways too much it can break or your antenna stud can crack. OTR truckers don't usually have springs on their antennas because they only drive over smooth roads(they hope). Springs are mainly for people who drive their vehicle off road or have low hanging obstacles constantly in their way. Next we will determine which antenna spring is right for you.

Your decision on an antenna spring should be based solely on the size of your antenna. If you buy a heavy duty barrel spring for a 2' antenna, it will do no good at all because the spring can't flex with such a small antenna mounted to it. There are 3 main sizes of antenna springs; medium duty, heavy duty and super heavy duty(or barrel spring). A medium duty spring such as the Firestik SS-3M should be used with antennas up to 3' tall. The heavy duty spring like the Firestik SS-3H can be used with antennas 4-5' tall. The large barrel springs should be used only with the larger coil antennas or 102" whips.