Mounting Your CB Radio

You may be thinking mounting your radio may be the least of your concerns as far as installation. However there are some key things to consider before you proceed.

1. Accessibility - Your radio should be mounted in a way to make it easily accessible for use without interrupting your driving, so mount at an easy reachable distance. Keep in mind to avoid the possibility of blocking ease of access, such as the steering wheel or gear shift.

2. Visibility – You may desire to “hid” your radio to avoid the possibility of it being seen and stolen. However if you cannot physically see your radio when you are in the operating seat you will be unable to change your radio channel, change your available settings, and/or have optimal use of additional functions. Install your radio for the best possible visibility from the driver seat within reach. Consider all possible outside factors that may inhibit visibility as well, such as sunlight glare.

3. Avoiding intrusion – read the following examples to get a idea of how the location can become intruding!

  • A mounted radio under his seat only to find he couldn't move the seat forward or backward
  • A radio mounted at the bottom of his dash in between his stick shift and the lower dash area. It was a beautiful install and had great accessibility and visibility. He thought it was perfect until he got ready to drive somewhere and found that when he pushed upward to third gear he couldn't push forward enough to get it in to gear completely due to the radio. He changed his install really quick.
  • A radio mounted above the rear view mirror. Great place, easy to reach and seemed out of the way - until the day the driver took a fast corner and the mic slipped out of the clip and hit him in the face.
  • A mounted radio underneath his steering wheel only to find that he banged his knees on the corners of it every time he got in and out of his truck.

4. Radio protection – There are many possibilities your mounting location can harm your radio, mounting your radio too close to the floor or in a foot well area it's likely to get dirty and bumped and kicked by feet or legs. If you mount a radio too close to a door it may get rained or snowed on as you get in and out of the vehicle. Many people mount in the center console area, but that also is where most people put their fast food and drinks; leaving open the possibility that your cola could be the potential killer. If you are putting a radio in a work truck it's often better to mount it higher in the cab to protect to get it farther away from the dirt and grime. If you live in a wet environment, try to mount the radio someplace where it won't come in contact with as much moisture. And if you live in a hot dry climate make sure to mount your radio in a location that will keep it out of the sun and cool.

5. Aesthetics – This consideration is purely based on your own opinions, most people tend to consider the colors… of the radio, the mounting brackets (black is the preferred), and the radio LEDs (often times people like their lights to match their dash color).