Installing Your CB Antenna On A Roof Rack

One of the most asked questions to us is can I install my CB antenna on my vehicle's roof rack.  The simple answer is YES.  It is definitely possible to mount your CB antenna on your roof rack, though not generally the best place to mount it.  The problem with roof racks is most are not made of metal.  Having metal where you mount your CB antenna is crucial to an ideal setup.  It allows your antenna to be grounded.  If you don't properly ground your CB antenna before use, you can seriously damage radio parts.  Roof racks are typically made of fiberglass or plastic (not the best conductors) and are not bolted directly to the vehicle's framework.  You can however still install your CB antenna on one.  All you need is a ground strap.  Ground straps can be found at any hardware or automotive store.  All you have to do is install the ground strap on your CB antenna mount and install the other end on either the vehicle's frame or other metalwork found on the vehicle.  With this knowledge, now you don't have to hunt for a place to mount your CB antenna, just use the roof rack!