Cobra 25NW CB Radio

Cobra 25NW CB Radio
Cobra 25NW CB Radio - Night Display
Cobra 25NW CB Radio Left Side
Cobra 25NW CB Radio Front
Cobra 25NW CB Radio Right Side
Cobra 25NW CB Radio Back
Cobra 25NW CB Radio Box Front
Cobra 25NW CB Radio Box Side
Cobra 25NW CB Radio Box Back

Cobra 25 NW CB Radio with Backlit Display



Quick Overview

The Cobra 25 NW takes the great features and small size of the 25 LTD and adds a backlit display for better night vision. The Cobra Nightwatch system helps driver's eye strain at night by using a state of the art system to light the faceplate. If you have ever looked at your CB at night and noticed it is hard to see where all the features are at, a backlit faceplate, like on the Cobra 25 NW is your answer.

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The Cobra 25 NW is a great CB radio for night driving.  The Nightwatch system Cobra uses helps eye strain during those long night drives.  Along with the Nightwatch system, the 25 NW also has a noise blanker to aid in noise reduction.  The Cobra 25 NW also uses the Dynamike system for increased clarity voice clarity through your CB microphone.  In emergency situations, the 25 NW is also equipped with an instant channel 9 switch to give you instant access to the emergency station easily.

Full Features:

  • 40 CB Radio Channels
  • Heavy-Duty Dynamic Microphone
  • Full 4 Watts AM RF Power Output
  • Instant Channel 19 and 9
  • Front Panel 4-Pin Microphone Connector
  • Switchable Noise Blanker
  • Switchable Automatic Noise Limiter
  • Adjustable Dynamike Boost
  • Tactile Controls
  • Illuminated Front Panel
  • Dimmer Control
  • RF Gain
  • 9 ft. mic cord
Manufacturer Cobra
Color Silver Face/Black Case
Country of Manufacture China
Radio Size Mobile
Manual Owner's Manual
UPC 028377904387
Dimensions 8.63" L x 6.25" W x 2.13" H

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