Antron 99 Base CB Antenna

Antron 99 Base CB Antenna

Antron 99 Base Station CB Antenna



Quick Overview

The Antron 99 is the best selling base station CB antenna on the market today. The A99 stands 18' tall when fully assembled. It can handle up to 2,000 watts of power through the US made fiberglass sections. With it's broad bandwidth capability, the Antron 99 can be used as a CB base, ham or commercial use.

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The Antron 99 base station CB antenna comes with a heavy duty mounting plate to help survive greater wind loads than other base CB antennas.  The A99 is packaged in three seperate fiberglass sections that must be assembled.  The full height after assembly is 18'.  

Key Features

The 18' Antron 99 base CB antenna is one the most well known antennas on the market today.  The quality and craftmanship is unrivaled among other fiberglass base antennas.  The A99 can handle 1,000 watts of power, so it will work with amateur radios as well as CB radios. Tuning the Antron 99 is as easy as twisting the tuning rings until you get that perfect reading.  


The Antron 99 can be mounted on an aluminum pole using the supplied U-Bolts or using the heavy duty mounting plate, it can be mounted to any solid surface. Mounting this base CB antenna more than 10' high is recommended for maximum performance and distance.

What's In The Box

Antron 99 Base CB Antenna
Mounting Hardware Including U-Bolts and Mounting Plate


The warranty on the Antron 99 base CB antenna is a full two years thru FTL Distributing.  To obtain warranty information on your product just send an email to


The range of the Antron 99 will vary greatly depending on surroundings, weather, etc.  You can normally expect a range of 15-25 miles.


Tuning the Antron 99 base CB antenna is as easy as twisting the tuning rings.  If the SWR is greater on Channel 40 than on Channel 1, then you have an electrically long antenna and need to make it smaller by unscrewing the tuning rings and making it shorter.  If the SWR is greater on Channel 1 than on Channel 40, then you have a electrically short antenna and need to unscrew the tuning rings and pull out small lengths at a time.

Manufacturer Solarcon
Color White
Country of Manufacture United States
Manual No
UPC 792161001018
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