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If you have a base radio, you will need a large base CB antenna. We carry large base CB antennas from a few different manufacturers. The Antron 99 is by far the most popular base CB antenna on the market.

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  1. CB Base Station Radio / Antenna Kit

    CB Base Station Radio / Antenna Kit

    The CB base station radio and antenna kit we have put together has all the great parts you need to get your station ready. The CB radio is a Galaxy DX2547 which features SSB (sideband) for an extra 80 channels. The Galaxy DX2547 can be plugged into any standard outlet in your home. The 6 digit frequency counter allows fine tuning on your channel. This CB base station radio and antenna kit also includes either the Antron 99 17' fiberglass base antenna or the IMAX2000 24' base CB antenna. Both of these base CB antenna can be mounted on a pole and include the hardware to do so. The typical range is about 15 miles when installed correctly. You also have your choice of our premium mini 8 coax cable. There are 4 lengths to choose from and each length has premium PL259 connectors installed. Learn More
  2. Firestik AR-10 Lightning & Static Arrestor

    Firestik AR-10 Lightning & Static Arrestor

    The Firestik AR-10 is designed to direct lightning strikes and static build-up to earth ground. This is very important on base CB antenna installations. The AR-10 installs in-line between the radio and antenna. It is recommended to use a 10GA grounding wire attached to a ground rod buried several feet into the ground for proper protection. Learn More
  3. Antron 99 Base CB Antenna

    Antron 99 Base Station CB Antenna

    The Antron 99 is the best selling base station CB antenna on the market today. The A99 stands 18' tall when fully assembled. It can handle up to 2,000 watts of power through the US made fiberglass sections. With it's broad bandwidth capability, the Antron 99 can be used as a CB base, ham or commercial use. Learn More
  4. Antron 99 Ground Radial Kit

    Antron 99 Ground Plane Kit

    The Antron 99 ground plane kit will add more performance to your A99 base CB antenna. It does this by lowering the angle of radiation for greater range. The GPK1 installs easily to your A99 using a slip-on collar with four 6' radials. This kit does not include the A99 itself. Learn More
  5. IMAX2000 Base CB Antenna

    IMAX2000 Base Station CB Antenna

    The Solarcon IMAX2000 is a 24' tall base station CB antenna. This base antenna can handle up to 5,000 watts and can also be used on bands above and below the normal CB frequencies. The IMAX2000 has a 5.1dB gain and can be easily tuned with the tuning rings. The Solarcon IMAX2000 base CB antenna has the highest gain of any base antenna on the market. Learn More
  6. Firestik IBA-5 Indoor Base CB Antenna

    Firestik IBA-5 Indoor Base Station CB Antenna

    If you are looking for a CB base station antenna, but don't want to install one outside, the Firestik IBA-5 can be installed indoors. This 5' base CB antenna can also be used a a temporary base station if you are constantly moving (hunting, outdoorsman, etc.) The Firestik IBA5 has (4) 30" radials and can handle up to 1,000 watts of power. Tuning is easy with the bare hands tunable tip. Learn More
  7. Ground Plane Kit For IMAX2000 Base CB Antenna

    Ground Plane Kit For IMAX2000 Base Station CB Antenna

    With the IMAXGPK ground plane kit, you can increase your transmit signal strength on your CB base station antenna. The IMAXGPK also lowers the angle of radiation for greater range on your radio. The (4) 6' radials are attached to a secure mounting plate that easily attaches to your IMAX2000 when already installed. Learn More
  8. B100 No Ground Base CB Antenna

    B100 No Ground Base Station CB Antenna

    The B100 base station CB antenna can be used in place of a large base station antenna in case your in an apartment or other place that might restrict height. This 39" CB antenna handles up to 500 watts of power and can be mounted almost anywhere thanks to the no-ground design. This base CB antenna is also fully weatherproof so you can leave it out permanently if you wish. Learn More

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