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Universal Off Road CB Radio Kits

  1. Cobra 29 LTD Wilson 1000 Complete CB Radio Kit

    From: $154.76

    To: $218.41

    The Cobra 29 LTD CB radio and Wilson 1000 CB antenna are two of the most popular products we offer. We have paired them up in one low price package for you. The Cobra 29 LTD has great features including delta tune and a noise blanker. This classic CB radio has been the best seller in the industry for more than 50 years! We have also included the Wilson 1000 CB antenna in this kit. The Wilson 1000 antenna comes in 3 different types including roof mount, trunk lip mount and magnet mount. It includes your coaxial cable for an easy installation. Learn More
  2. Uniden Pickup Truck Complete CB Radio Kit

    From: $64.51

    To: $90.16

    Get a great deal on a complete CB radio package featuring the Uniden PRO510XL CB radio. This kit also includes a single fiberglass CB antenna available in black or white. We have 3 sizes for this CB antenna including 2', 3' and 4' lengths. This kit has a mirror mount CB antenna mount for mounting to your truck mirror arms or can be used as a side body mount. The included 9' coaxial cable has two PL259's for easy installation. Learn More
  3. Car CB Radio CB Antenna Kit


    This complete car CB radio kit includes either the Uniden PRO510XL or the Midland 75-822 CB radios. Both of these radios install easily in any vehicle and for the ease of power, we have included a cigarette lighter plug that you can attach to the end of the power cord to use your 12 volt socket for power. You also have your choice of either the Wilson Little Wil magnetic mount CB antenna or the K40 trunk lip mount antenna. Both of these antennas include coaxial cable with a PL259 to route through to your CB radio. With this complete car CB radio kit you save 10% off buying parts individually. Learn More
  4. Heavy Duty Firestik Single Antenna Kit

    Heavy Duty Firestik Single CB Antenna Kit


    Get this 5' Firestik CB antenna along with a heavy duty mirror mount, heavy duty spring and 18' coaxial cable in one package. This package saves you over $20! Learn More
  5. Single CB Antenna Kit Mirror Mount

    Single CB Antenna Kit Mirror Mount


    Everything you need for your mirror mount installation is included with this single CB antenna kit. The 750 watt fiberglass CB antenna is pre-tuned for the CB frequencies. The included mirror mount is made from high quality aluminum and can be used 3 ways depending on your installation. This CB antenna kit also comes with 9' of RG58 coaxial cable with PL259 terminated ends for easy installation. Learn More
  6. Dual CB Antenna Kit Mirror Mount

    Dual CB Antenna Kit Mirror Mount


    This dual CB antenna mirror mount kit includes everything you need for a successful installation. Included in the package is are two fiberglass antennas rated at 750 watts, two chrome plated 3 way single groove mirror mounts, and 9' of RG59 co-phase coax with PL-259's. The mirror mounts included in this CB antenna kit can be used horizontally or vertically depending on your mirror arm configuration. Also, if needed, you can take the back plate off the mounts and use them as side body mounts for any vertical surface. Learn More
  7. Firestik CB Antenna Kit Single

    Firestik CB Antenna Kit Single


    This Firestik CB antenna kit has all you need for your antenna installation. The Firestik FS series fiberglass CB antenna comes in either 3 or 4 foot lengths and has a tunable tip for easy SWR tuning. The antenna mount is a mirror mount or can be used as a side mount for installation on a Jeep tub or any flat vertical surface. In this Firestik CB antenna kit you also get 18' of Firestik's Fire-Flex coax with PL259 connectors for easy connections to your CB radio. As a bonus, Firestik has also added for free a stainless steel antenna spring and mic holder. Learn More
  8. Firestik II CB Antenna with Easy Tune Tip

    Firestik FS CB Antenna


    The Firestik II is one of the most recognized fiberglass CB antennas on the market. These antennas are made in the USA with the finest materials. The tunable tip on the Firestik II makes tuning your SWR a snap. The Firestik FS series CB antennas are available in many colors and lengths. We recommend the use of an antenna spring for extended durability. Learn More
  9. Firestik Firefly Flexible CB Antenna

    Firestik Firefly CB Antenna


    The Firestik Firefly CB antenna is very lightweight and flexible versus standard fiberglass antennas. The flexibility comes in handy when going through rough terrain as the Firefly can flex through overhanging obstacles. We recommend a medium duty spring to go along with the Firestik Firefly to add even more flexibility and durability. Learn More
  10. Firestik Dual CB Antenna Kit

    Firestik Dual CB Antenna Kit


    The Firestik dual CB antenna kit is designed for the professional who wants the maximum performance from their CB radio. Tests have indicated that a dual or "co-phase" CB antenna installation has greater field strength in front of and behind the vehicle. This has been proven time and time again. The Firestik CB antenna kit includes (2) FS series fiberglass CB antennas, (2) K64A CB antenna mounts, K9A cophase coaxial cable harness with 3 PL259's, (2) stainless steel CB antenna springs and a free microphone holder. Learn More
  11. SWR Meter Testing Kit

    SWR Meter Testing Kit


    This SWR meter testing kit includes the SWR meter itself and an 18" coax jumper. SWR testing is extremely important when setting up your new antenna. Just install all of your equipment, hook the meter up and start tuning to get the lowest SWR reading. Learn More
  12. Firestik Mirror or Side Body CB Antenna Mount Kit

    Firestik Dual Mirror or Side Body CB Antenna Mount Kit


    This dual CB antenna mount kit from Firestik is for your side mirror arms or can be used as a vertical body mount. The SS64A stainless steel CB antenna mounts are made in the USA and will not rust. The Firestik K9A cophase coaxial cable is made of RG59 which is required for proper operation of a dual CB antenna system. The K9A has 3 PL259's terminated on the ends for easy installation. Learn More
  13. Firestik Side Body CB Antenna Mount Kit

    Firestik Side Body CB Antenna Mount Kit


    This great looking molded side body CB antenna mount kit is priced right. The M2 side body mount installs on any vertical surface with all hardware facing in for a sleek looking CB antenna mount. The included 18' of RG58 coaxial cable has a ring terminal connector for the mount side and a PL259 for your CB radio. This CB antenna mount kit is for any 3/8 x 24 threaded antenna up to 3' and can use a Firefly or lightweight CB antenna up to 4' in length. Learn More
  14. Firestik Mirror or Vertical CB Antenna Mount Kit

    Firestik Mirror or Side Body CB Antenna Mount Kit


    The Firestik MK64A8A CB antenna mount kit contains the versatile SS64A stainless steel antenna mount. This mount can be used on your truck via your mirror arm or just take the mounting plate off and use it as a vertical body mount such as on a Jeep Wrangler tub. The CB antenna mount can hold up to a 5' antenna depending on your installation. The included 18' coaxial cable has the K8A coaxial cable which has 2 PL259's terminated on the ends. Learn More
  15. Firestik Stake Pocket CB Antenna Mount Kit

    Firestik Pickup Truck Stake Pocket CB Antenna Mount Kit


    For those of you who own a pickup and need a CB antenna mount, Firestik has created the stake pocket CB antenna mount kit. This stainless steel mount clamps into your stake pocket on the bed rail with no drilling required. The included 18' RG58 coaxial cable has Firestik's famous FireRing connector for a perfect coax connection. The PL259 is included but is not attached for easy routing through tight spaces. This CB antenna kit requires soldering of the PL259 to the center conductor of the coax when finished routing. Learn More
  16. Door Jamb CB Antenna Mount Kit

    Firestik Door Jamb CB Antenna Mount Kit


    The door jamb CB antenna kit is very versatile. You can mount it on your door jamb or any vertical surface because the top stud can be adjusted 180 degrees for a proper fit. The mount itself is made from stainless steel and has the K4R FireRing stud for the best coax connection. The 18' RG58 coaxial cable has a stranded center conductor for less breakage during installation. It includes a PL259 for your CB radio, but is not installed for an easier time routing during installation. Soldering is required on the PL259 when installation is complete. Learn More
  17. Firestik No Ground CB Antenna Kit

    Firestik No Ground CB Antenna Kit Side Mount LG


    The Firestik LGM2 No Ground CB Antenna kit can give you great performance even if you do not have a metal ground to attach to. This Firestik kit was specifically designed for installations on vehicles such as RV's which have little to no metal to attach a CB antenna mount to. The molded plastic mount easily attaches to any surface and the included lightweight CB antenna has an isolated ground plane for better reception. In this Firestik kit, you also get 18' of the famous Fire-Flex coaxial cable and a free CB microphone holder. Learn More
  18. Firestik FG No Ground CB Antenna Kit

    Firestik FG No Ground CB Antenna Kit


    The Firestik FG No Ground CB Antenna kit is specifically designed for installations that do not have a metal ground to install on. If you are installing on an RV or any plastic, fiberglass or wood area, you need a no-ground antenna. The CB antenna is very similiar to the standard Firestik FS CB antenna except for an isolated ground plane built-in to the FG itself. The No Ground kit comes complete with the Firestik SS-64 stainless steel 3 way mount, 17' special no ground coax, and a spring for more durability. Learn More
  19. Uniden PRO520XL CB Radio Compact

    Uniden PRO520XL CB Radio Compact


    The Uniden PRO520XL is a great compact CB radio with more features than the 510XL. With the addition of PA (Public Address) capability, instant channel 9 and adjustable RF Gain, the Uniden PRO520XL has all these features in a small inexpensive package. Learn More
  20. Uniden PRO510XL Compact CB Radio

    Uniden PRO510XL CB Radio Compact


    The Uniden PRO510XL is a great inexpensive CB radio. The compact size of the PRO510XL allows installation anywhere space may be an issue. The Uniden PRO510XL also has an automatic noise limiter to help reduce engine noise. Learn More
  21. Cobra 75 WX ST CB Radio Handheld


    The Cobra 75 WX ST is a unique CB radio that incorporates all the great technology into 1 handheld unit. If size is an issue in your vehicle, the 75 WX ST could be the answer. The radio is small enough to fit in your hand, but also can be fixed mounted in your vehicle. You can also add the AC701 accessory to any vehicle and transfer the 75 WX ST between them. The AC701 is included, but if you have multiple vehicles, you need to have one in everyone of them. Learn More
  22. Midland 1001Z Compact CB Radio

    Midland 1001Z Compact CB Radio


    The Midland 1001Z is a compact CB radio that is perfect for any vehicle. The small size of the 1001Z means that it can fit in almost any space you need it to. This compact CB radio has instant channel 9 for emergencies and RF gain for clearer reception. The PA function allows you to hook up a PA horn and get people's attention. Learn More

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