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Base CB Radios

Currently Galaxy is the only manufacturer who still makes a base CB radio. Any CB radio however, can be used as a base station CB radio by adding a power supply.

  1. Galaxy DX 2547 Base Station CB Radio


    The Galaxy DX 2547 is the only base station CB radio still in production. The DX 2547 has great features in addition to being a CB base station including single side band, 6 digit frequency counter, talkback and noise filter. The Galaxy DX 2547 can run on either AC or DC power depending on your application. Learn More
  2. CB Base Station Radio / Antenna Kit

    CB Base Station Radio / Antenna Kit


    The CB base station radio and antenna kit we have put together has all the great parts you need to get your station ready. The CB radio is a Galaxy DX2547 which features SSB (sideband) for an extra 80 channels. The Galaxy DX2547 can be plugged into any standard outlet in your home. The 6 digit frequency counter allows fine tuning on your channel. This CB base station radio and antenna kit also includes either the Antron 99 17' fiberglass base antenna or the IMAX2000 24' base CB antenna. Both of these base CB antenna can be mounted on a pole and include the hardware to do so. The typical range is about 15 miles when installed correctly. You also have your choice of our premium mini 8 coax cable. There are 4 lengths to choose from and each length has premium PL259 connectors installed. Learn More

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