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FTL Distributing carries many different types of radios including CB radios, weather radios, VHF marine radios and FRS/GMRS two way radios. We only carry the best in each category not because of price but because of quality.

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    Cobra 29LTD CB Radio Front

    Cobra 29 LTD CB Radio


    The Cobra 29 LTD is one of the most popular CB radios of all time. For 50 years, driver's have been using this CB radio because of Cobra quality and expert engineering. The 29 LTD features Delta Tune which is used to clarify incoming signals. $20 Mail-In Rebate Now Through June 30, 2014

    Learn More
    Cobra CWR100 Handheld Compact Weather Radio

    Cobra CWR100 Handheld Compact Weather Radio


    The Cobra CWR100 is a compact handheld NOAA weather radio that can alert you when dangerous weather is approaching. The retractable antenna can receive broadcasts up to 40 miles away. This weather radio includes batteries and a combination belt clip / wall mount. Don't be caught off guard again when dangerous weather is heading for you. Learn More
    Midland 1001Z Compact CB Radio

    Midland 1001Z Compact CB Radio


    The Midland 1001Z is a compact CB radio that is perfect for any vehicle. The small size of the 1001Z means that it can fit in almost any space you need it to. This compact CB radio has instant channel 9 for emergencies and RF gain for clearer reception. The PA function allows you to hook up a PA horn and get people's attention. Learn More
  4. CB Base Station Radio / Antenna Kit

    CB Base Station Radio / Antenna Kit


    The CB base station radio and antenna kit we have put together has all the great parts you need to get your station ready. The CB radio is a Galaxy DX2547 which features SSB (sideband) for an extra 80 channels. The Galaxy DX2547 can be plugged into any standard outlet in your home. The 6 digit frequency counter allows fine tuning on your channel. This CB base station radio and antenna kit also includes either the Antron 99 17' fiberglass base antenna or the IMAX2000 24' base CB antenna. Both of these base CB antenna can be mounted on a pole and include the hardware to do so. The typical range is about 15 miles when installed correctly. You also have your choice of our premium mini 8 coax cable. There are 4 lengths to choose from and each length has premium PL259 connectors installed. Learn More
  5. Cobra 19 DX IV CAMO Camouflage CB Radio

    Regular Price: $59.95

    Special Price: $57.95

    The Cobra 19 DX IV CAMO is the same 19 DX IV but wrapped in fantastic Realtree Xtra Green camouflage. Even the CB microphone has the camouflage pattern over it. The 19 DX IV is a great compact CB radio with an LCD screen for easy viewing of your SWR and signal strength. The 19 DX IV CAMO has jacks for your PA horn as well as an external speaker. With the Cobra 19 DX IV CAMO, you don't have to spend a lot to get a great radio that looks as good as it sounds! Learn More

  6. Uniden PC 687 CB Radio

    Uniden PC 687 CB Radio


    The new Uniden PC 687 features a large signal meter and channel display. This entry level CB radio also includes 10 NOAA weather channels as well as a backlit face. The PC 687 has a 6 pin noise canceling microphone and is compatible with the BC 906W wireless microphone from Uniden. Learn More
  7. Uniden PC 787 CB Radio

    Regular Price: $94.95

    Special Price: $89.95

    The new Uniden PC 787 has a very large backlit meter for easy viewing no matter what angle you look at it from. Also you get a large channel display with fantastic blue digits. The Uniden PC 787 has NOAA weather channels as well as weather alert which can help you avoid bad weather during driving. The PC 787 also has a tone control feature which allows you to adjust the audio for the best possible sound. Add with all that, a noise canceling microphone and noise blanker and you have a great CB radio. Learn More
  8. Cobra 29 LX Camo CB Radio Front

    Cobra 29 LX Camo CB Radio


    The new Cobra 29 LX Camo CB radio has the licensed RealTree camo pattern and orange blaze writing on the face. The 29 LX Camo is great for hunters, backpackers and outdoorsman. This Cobra CB radio also has a camo pattern on the microphone and includes a chrome mounting bracket. The Cobra 29 LX Camo combines the great features of the standard 29 LX like NOAA weather channels and a digital color changing display with a great camouflage pattern. Learn More
  9. Uniden Pickup Truck Complete CB Radio Kit

    From: $64.51

    To: $90.16

    Get a great deal on a complete CB radio package featuring the Uniden PRO510XL CB radio. This kit also includes a single fiberglass CB antenna available in black or white. We have 3 sizes for this CB antenna including 2', 3' and 4' lengths. This kit has a mirror mount CB antenna mount for mounting to your truck mirror arms or can be used as a side body mount. The included 9' coaxial cable has two PL259's for easy installation. Learn More
  10. Galaxy DX 979 CB Radio with Sideband Front

    Galaxy DX 979 CB Radio with Sideband


    Galaxy has included great features in the DX 979 CB radio. In the DX 979 you get single side band, a large meter showing SWR, modulation and power. Also in the Galaxy DX 979 CB radio the talkback function allows you to hear yourself over your own external speaker during transmissions. This CB radio has great features and functions for the beginner to the advanced users. Learn More
  11. Midland LXT600VP3 Two Way Radios

    Midland LXT600VP3 Two Way Radios 30 Mile Range


    The Midland LXT600VP3 can transmit up to 30 miles under ideal circumstances. This pack of walkie talkies has NOAA weather alert and 5 different call alerts. The LXT600VP3 is also water resistant and also includes rechargeable batteries and a drop in charger for easy charging. You can also use standard batteries if you wish. The LXT600VP3 is a great addition for anyone wanting to communicate over great distances without having a large cell phone bill! Learn More
  12. Midland LXT560VP3 Two Way Radios

    Midland LXT560VP3 Two Way Radios 26 Mile Range


    These Midland LXT560VP3 two way radios have a 26 mile range using the FRS and GMRS radio frequencies. NOAA weather is also included with the LXT560VP3 so you always know your local weather conditions. These walkie talkies are also water resistant and include rechargeable batteries and a drop in charger. Learn More
  13. Midland LXT535VP3 Two Way Radios

    Midland LXT535VP3 Two Way Radios Camouflage 24 Mile


    The Midland LXT535VP3 are a great set of camouflage two way radios. These walkie talkies have a great 24 mile range and include batteries and a drop in charger. The Midland LXT535VP3 are perfect for the outdoorsman or hunter in the family. These two way radios are also water resistant and have a roger beep function to let others know your done with your transmission. Learn More
  14. Cobra 19ULTRAIII CB Radio Compact

    Cobra 19 ULTRA III CB Radio Compact


    The compact design of the Cobra 19 ULTRA III is great for installations almost anywhere. The Cobra 19 ULTRA III has PA capability as well as a modern LCD display for your signal meter and channel readout. Instant channel 9 is included for emergency situations. Learn More
  15. Cobra 29LXBT CB Radio with Bluetooth Left Side

    Cobra 29 LX BT CB Radio with Bluetooth


    The Cobra 29 LX BT combines Bluetooth technology with the style of a modern CB radio. The 29 LX BT keeps you legal by using the CB microphone to have your cell phone conversations. With the addition of Bluetooth technology, the Cobra 29 LX BT also has other great features such as talkback which allows the user to hear themselves over their speaker and a 4 color selectable display. Learn More
  16. Cobra 29 LTD BT Bluetooth CB Radio

    Cobra 29 LTD BT Bluetooth CB Radio


    The Cobra 29 LTD BT Blueooth is a unique CB radio that incorporates Bluetooth technology. This is the first CB radio in history to include this ground breaking technology. Drivers can activate the Bluetooth on the mobile phone and connect it to the 29 LTD BT Bluetooth to have hands-free calling through the CB radio. It is activated by a button on the microphone itself. If that wasn't enough, Cobra also gave the 29 LTD BT talkback and a blue channel display for a modern look. Learn More
  17. Midland WR120 Weather Radio Side View

    Midland Weather Radio Desktop


    The Midland WR120 weather radio can alert you before dangerous weather approaches. This weather radio can alert you in 3 different ways; voice alert, display alert or tone alerts. The WR120 automatically responds to any alert issued by the National Weather Service to keep you up to date on the latest dangerous weather conditions. The Midland WR120 desktop weather radio also has an All Hazards alert which lets you know other emergency announcements such as Child Abduction Emergency (Amber Alert), Nuclear Power Plant Warning, Biological Hazard Warning, Civil Emergency Message, Fire Warning and Landslide Warning. Learn More
  18. Uniden Bearcat 980SSB CB Radio

    Uniden Bearcat 980 CB Radio with Sideband


    The Bearcat 980 is the top of the line model in the new line of Uniden CB radio's. Taking the new modern look and design of the popular 880, Uniden has added sideband to the 980. This is the only sideband radio in Uniden's product line. The Bearcat 980 has great features such as talkback, NOAA weather channels, a radio diagnostic program and a selectable 7 color display. Learn More
  19. Midland NT1VP Handheld Marine Radio

    Midland NT1VP Handheld Marine Radio


    The Midland NT1VP has all 88 USA and International marine channels. Expect about a 12 mile range on open water with no obstructions. The NT1VP has 5 watts of power and a NOAA weather alert function built-in. As with any marine radio, the Midland NT1VP is water resistant and comes with a 3 year warranty from Midland. Learn More
  20. Midland HH54VP2 Weather Radio Handheld

    Midland HH54VP2 Weather Radio Handheld


    The Midland HH54VP2 is a handheld weather radio with all the accessories you need included. The handheld HH54 easily fits in your hand and can be programmed with ease. The included charger and battery is a must have for people on the go who want weather updates. The HH54VP2 weather radio can also receive many public alert messages including amber alerts, fire warning, landslide warning, etc. Learn More
  21. Midland GXT1000VP4 Two Way Radios 36 Mile

    Midland GXT1000VP4 Two Way Radios 36 Mile


    The Midland GXT1000VP4 is a 36 mile range two way radio. This kit includes charging dock, AC adapter, batteries and a pair of AVP1 over the ear headsets with boom microphone. These two way radios have all FRS/GMRS channels plus 285 privacy codes to keep your conversations private. FRS is a free service, but GMRS requires a license to use from the FCC. The Midland GXT1000VP4 is also an NOAA weather radio to keep you informed of any dangerous weather around you. Learn More
  22. Cobra MRHH425LIVP Marine Radio / GMRS Radio Handheld Combo

    Cobra MRHH425LIVP Marine Radio/ GMRS Radio Handheld Combo


    Another Cobra innovation, the MRHH425 is a combination marine radio and GMRS radio in one. The MRHH425 can switch from GMRS and marine with one button. The 5 watt marine radio has 10 NOAA weather channels and weather alert to give you up to date weather data 24/7. The Cobra MRHH425 also has the Rewind-Say-Again-Feature. This feature allows you to replay the last 20 seconds of a conversation in case you missed something. This is another first for the marine radio industry. Learn More
  23. Icom M36 Marine Radio Handheld Voice Boost

    Icom M36 Marine Radio Handheld Voice Boost


    The Icom M36 is a state of the art VHF marine radio. The M36 monitors the surrounding ambient noise and can increase volume if needed automatically. This marine radio also has the AquaQuake function that can vibrate the excess water from your speaker for better sound quality. The Icom M36 also has 6 watts of power for longer range communication. Always know what the weather conditions are with weather alert found on the Icom M36 VHF marine radio. Learn More
  24. Cobra CXT90 Two Way Radios 18 Mile

    Cobra MicroTalk® CXT90 Two Way Radios 18 Mile


    Out of stock

    The compact Cobra CXT90 two way radios are great for instant communication at any time. The CXT90 is capable to up to an 18 mile range under ideal circumstances. These two way radios include batteries and a Y AC adapter to charge both radios at the same time. VOX is standard on the CXT90 for automatic voice transmission. Learn More
  25. Uniden ATLANTIS250 Marine Radio Handheld

    Uniden ATLANTIS250 Marine Radio Handheld


    Handheld marine radios are very useful in any water environment. The Uniden ATLANTIS250 comes in two colors, black and gray. All USA, Canada and International marine channels as well as all NOAA weather channels are included with the ATLANTIS marine radio. For emergency situations, the Uniden ATLANTIS250 comes with instant channel 16 and 9. Learn More

Items 1 to 25 of 78 total

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