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On-Glass CB Antennas

On-glass CB antennas are mounted on your vehicle's rear window for a low profile look. These types of CB antennas do not get the range of a standard CB antenna but are helpful if you are in a convoy and just need to talk to someone very near to you.

  1. Midland On-Glass CB Antenna

    Midland On-Glass CB Antenna


    The Midland 18-258 On Glass CB antenna installs in seconds and looks great. This CB antenna comes complete with 12' of coaxial cable with PL259 for your radio. The 18-258 is constructed of stainless steel for a long lasting CB antenna. The radiator can easily be removed for carwashes, etc. Learn More
  2. ProComm High Performance On Glass CB Antenna

    ProComm High Performance On Glass CB Antenna


    On glass CB antennas are great for cars and other vehicles. This type of CB antenna does not have the range of other larger antennas, but still allows communication between vehicles at short range. The ProComm on glass CB antenna attaches to the rear window of any vehicle and stands only 22" high when fully raised. Learn More
  3. Workman On Glass CB Antenna

    Workman On Glass CB Antenna


    This glass mounted CB antenna from Workman is great for people who don't want to spend a lot of money on their CB setup. This CB antenna easily mounts to the rear window of the vehicle and stands 29" tall. The Workman on glass CB antenna should be used for extreme short range communication due to it's size limitations. Learn More
  4. Tram 1198 On Glass CB Antenna

    Tram 1198 On Glass CB Antenna


    The Tram 1198 is an on glass CB antenna designed to be installed easily on the rear window of your vehicle. The cellular style whip is not as bulky as some other antennas. This on glass CB antenna includes 17' of coaxial cable terminated with a PL259 connector which plugs into any CB radio. Learn More

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