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Predator CB Antennas

  1. Predator 10K CB Antenna Closeup

    Predator 10K Antenna


    The Predator 10K antenna is made from the lightest and strongest aircraft aluminum. Their products are well known for the craftsmanship and attention to detail. The Predator 10K antenna parts can be unbolted and replaced if necessary. The 10K antennas come with a limited lifetime warranty from Predator. Learn More
  2. Predator 30K CB Antenna Competition

    Predator 30K CB Antenna Competition


    The Predator 30K CB antenna is hand built in the US by one of the best antenna manufacturers in the world. The 30K can handle up to 50,000 watts which is more than most people can dream of. This is a competition antenna, but you can use it for everyday CB use if you wish. The Predator 30K antenna has a 36" aluminum tube instead of a standard thin whip. Learn More
  3. Predator 10K Dual Coil CB Antenna

    Predator 10K Dual Coil CB Antenna


    The Predator dual coil design gives you more flexibility in height restrictions. The 10,000 watt power handling capability makes this antenna perfect for any high power radio. The entire antenna is 66 1/2" in length which includes a 44" stainless steel whip. Predator antennas are made to the highest standards and will last a lifetime. Learn More

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