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K40 CB Antennas

K40 CB antennas are computer designed to meet exact specifications for a high quality product. If you are looking for a great CB antenna, K40 has fiberglass as well as other mounting systems for your particular installation.

  1. K40 TR40 Trucker CB Antenna Black

    K40 TR40 Trucker CB Antenna


    The K40 TR40 Trucker CB antenna comes in two colors: black with red lettering and white with silver lettering. The TR40 also has many performance features including a 3,500 watt power handling capability and the usage of 8 gauge silver plated wire for maximum efficiency. This K40 trucker antenna has a 10" shaft and a 49" whip with a ultrasonically sealed housing for maximum protection against water penetration. Learn More
  2. K30 CB Antenna Magnet Mount

    K30 CB Antenna Magnet Mount


    The K30 magnet mount CB antenna comes with everything you need for your antenna installation. The powerful magnet can be applied to either a roof or trunk lid. The included 15' of coax with PL259 connector is stranded to prevent breakage. The K30 CB antenna is made in the USA from the finest US materials. Learn More
  3. K40 CB Antenna Trunk Mount

    K40 CB Antenna Trunk Mount


    The K40 CB antenna has been computer designed to be the most efficient CB antenna possible. The K40 is a trunk lip model which includes a bracket for attaching to your trunk lid. This K40 antenna includes 18' of coaxial cable to reach almost anywhere in your vehicle. The 57" stainless steel whip slides up and down for easy tuning possibilities. The K40 CB antenna is also made in the USA. Learn More
  4. K40 CB Antenna

    K40 CB Antenna Magnet Mount


    The classic K40 CB antenna usually a trunk mount can also be a magnet mount. The included black magnet mount easily converts the trunk model to a magnet mount. In magnet mount form, the K40 CB antenna can be mounted on any metal surface which opens up the installation possibilities. The K40 antenna has a 57" stainless steel whip which can be easily tuned for that perfect SWR. The 500 watt power capability on the K40 is more than enough for any CB radio. Learn More
  5. K40 SF CB Antenna Superflex

    K40 SF CB Antenna Superflex


    The K40 Superflex CB antenna is an extremely flexible antenna with the capability of bending 180 degrees without damage. This K40 CB antenna is perfect for rough trails or just protection against low hanging obstacles and wind load. The Superflex comes in two colors and 3 lengths depending on your installation needs. To make SWR tuning as easy as possible, the K40 Superflex CB antenna has a tunable tip. Learn More
  6. K40 TR40PLUS CB Antenna

    K40 TR40PLUS CB Antenna


    The K40 TR40PLUS series CB antennas are the most powerful center loaded coil antennas on the market today. Capable of a massive 6,000 watts of input power, the TR40PLUS is not for the faint at heart. The uniquely designed center coil is encased in a weatherproof Lexan shell for maximum protection. The TR40PLUS uses 8 gauge coil copper windings for maximum efficiency. A 49" stainless steel whip is also included for one of the best trucker CB antennas in the industry. Learn More

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