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Cobra CB Antennas

If you like your Cobra radio, they also make CB antennas of the same high quality standards. Cobra has magnet mount CB antennas for many different applications.

  1. Cobra HGA1000 Magnet Mount CB Antenna

    Cobra HG-A1000 21" Magnet Mount CB Antenna


    The Cobra HGA-1000 is a perfect magnet mount CB antenna for your CB radio. This Cobra CB antenna can handle up to 100 watts of input power and is weather channel capable. The HGA-1000 includes a 16 foot coax cable with PL259 connector for use in any CB radio. Learn More
  2. Cobra HGA1500 Magnet Mount CB Antenna

    Cobra HG A1500 CB Antenna Magnet Mount


    The Cobra HG A1500 offers superior quality and reliability in a magnet mount CB antenna. Magnet mount CB antennas are great for people who don't want a more permanent installation. The HG A1500 has a strong magnet to install on your roof or trunk lid. It includes 16' of coax with PL259 to make installation a breeze. Learn More
  3. Cobra CB Antenna Telescoping

    Cobra CB Antenna Telescopic


    This telescoping CB antenna is made for handheld CB radios. By replacing the standard rubber antenna with the Cobra HATA, you will approximately double the range. The full length of this CB antenna is 27" and when fully closed it is 9". This Cobra CB antenna has a BNC connection which allows direct replacement with standard handheld CB radios. Learn More
  4. Cobra HGA300 HGA400 Fiberglass CB Antenna

    Cobra HGA300 HGA400 Fiberglass CB Antenna


    This Cobra CB antenna is made from high quality fiberglass and is pretuned for the CB band. Handling up to 1,000 watts, the HGA300 & HGA400 are all the antenna you will ever need. They are available in 3' and 4' models respectively. If you are looking for a quality built fiberglass CB antenna, the Cobra HGA300 & HGA400 are the best choices. Learn More
  5. Cobra HGA7000 62" Trucker CB Antenna

    Cobra HGA7000 62" Trucker CB Antenna


    The Cobra HGA7000 is a trucker CB antenna designed with a center coil and a high power handling capability. This CB antenna has a 10" shaft and is 62" fully assembled. The HGA7000 can be easily tuned by raising and lowering the stainless steel whip. Use it by itself or as a dual antenna system. Learn More

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