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CB Antenna Meters

A CB antenna meter or SWR meter is one of the most important tools you can use on your CB radio installation. A bad SWR reading can leave you with terrible transmission quality, but a good SWR can let you hear and talk far!

  1. SWR Meter Testing Kit

    SWR Meter Testing Kit


    This SWR meter testing kit includes the SWR meter itself and an 18" coax jumper. SWR testing is extremely important when setting up your new antenna. Just install all of your equipment, hook the meter up and start tuning to get the lowest SWR reading. Learn More
  2. AM/FM/CB Antenna Splitter

    CB/AM/FM Antenna Splitter


    This splitter was specifically designed to use your CB antenna as an AM/FM radio antenna. The IMAF has two 2' leads; one with a PL259 for your CB antenna and one with a motorola connector for your AM/FM radio. The splitter is very similar to the discontinued Firestik AR1A. Learn More
  3. Astatic PDC5 CB Antenna SWR Meter & Matcher

    Astatic PDC5 CB Antenna SWR Meter & Matcher


    The Astatic PDC5 is a 100 watt power and SWR meter but also is an antenna matcher. Using an SWR meter is vital to the performance of your CB antenna. With the PDC5 the power meter has 2 scales for accurate readings, 0-10 watts and 0-100 watts. The antenna matching capability of the PDC5 can be extremely important if you are having trouble getting a good SWR reading. The Astatic PDC5 includes an 18" coaxial jumper to connect directly to your CB radio. Learn More
  4. Astatic PDC7 SWR Meter Compact 10 Watts

    Astatic PDC7 SWR Meter Compact 10 Watts


    The Astatic PDC7 SWR meter is great for any CB radio. 10 watts is the maximum this meter can support, so your 4 watt CB radio is plenty of power for the PDC7. SWR meters are extremely important to tune your CB antenna. To get the maximum range and clarity from your CB antenna. As with all SWR meters sold by FTL Distributing, you get a short coaxial jumper to hook to your CB radio for free. Learn More
  5. Astatic SWR Meter Compact

    Astatic SWR Meter Compact


    The Astatic PDC1 SWR meter is a compact meter that can test your SWR and relative power. An SWR meter is an essential tool when installing a CB antenna. The PDC1 tests has two power settings; 10 and 100 watts. A small coaxial jumper cable is included in the purchase of any SWR meter from FTL Distributing. Learn More
  6. Astatic SWR Meter PDC2

    Astatic SWR Meter with RF Power & Field Strength Scales


    The Astatic PDC2 SWR meter is a two window meter capable of testing SWR, RF power & field strength. An SWR meter is a key tool necessary for any CB antenna installation. This Astatic SWR meter can test RF power up to 100 watts. The field strength function on the Astatic PDC2 can tell you the best placement for your CB antenna for the best coverage. A small coax jumper is included with any SWR meter from FTL Distributing. Learn More
  7. HP-201S SWR / Watt 1,000 Watt Test Meter

    HP-201S SWR / Watt 1,000 Watt Test Meter


    The HP201S test meter can measure SWR as well as peak wattage. An SWR meter is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can buy for your radio setup. A low SWR reading means excellent transmission capabilities. This SWR meter can be left in-line for accurate readings when your on the go. The HP201S can measure up to 1,000 watts of input power. This SWR meter also has a lighted display for super accurate readings even in low light areas. Learn More
  8. Astatic 600 SWR Test Meter

    Astatic 600 SWR Test Meter


    The Astatic 600 SWR test meter has 3 seperate windows for easy viewing of either SWR, RF power or modulation. The Astatic 600 can handle power inputs of up to 5,000 watts with 3 seperate scales for precise measurements. This test meter also has lighted meters for easy viewing whether day or night. Learn More
  9. CB Radio Noise Clipper / Reducer

    CB Radio Noise Clipper / Reducer


    This CB radio noise reducer can help eliminate unwanted static from your transmissions. There are 3 settings to "clip" the noise out. Just plug in-line between your CB radio and CB antenna for clearer transmissions. This noise reducer also amplifies incoming signals for increased clarity. Learn More

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