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FTL Distributing has many accessories for your CB radio or two way radio. External speaker, microphones, antenna mounts are just some of the products found at FTL Distributing.

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  1. Astatic 636L CB Microphone

    Astatic 636L CB Microphone


    The Astatic 636L CB microphone has been one of the most popular microphones for many years. Astatic's commitment to quality is the reason why the 636L is so popular with enthusiasts all over the world. The unique teardrop design is one of the reasons you know it's a 636L, the other reason is the transmission clarity that puts other microphones to shame. The Astatic 636L has a 4 pin plug to fit Cobra, Galaxy, Uniden and many more. Learn More
  2. Road King RK56 CB Microphone

    Regular Price: $49.95

    Special Price: $39.95

    The Road King RK56 is one of the best selling CB microphones in history. The classic design and unmatched quality are key to the RK56's popularity. The RK56 has a 4 pin connector which fits any Cobra, Uniden or Galaxy radio. Chances are when you hear someone crystal clear through the CB and you ask which microphone they are using, it's probably going to be a Road King. Learn More
  3. Weatherproof PA Horn

    Weatherproof PA Horn


    This black PA horn is a perfect addition to any CB radio installation. They are easy to install and can help draw attention to you if the need arises. PA horns connect via a jack on the back of certain CB radios and can be used on the trail especially if your travelling in groups. Learn More
  4. Gearkeeper CB Microphone Retractor

    Retractable CB Microphone Hanger


    Simply put, you must have this accessory. You will always know where your CB microphone is at all times. It attaches easily and extends over 2 feet to be there right when you need it. The RT44112 can be used with any microphone, but does great with lighter CB microphones. Learn More
  5. AM/FM/CB Antenna Splitter

    CB/AM/FM Antenna Splitter


    This splitter was specifically designed to use your CB antenna as an AM/FM radio antenna. The IMAF has two 2' leads; one with a PL259 for your CB antenna and one with a motorola connector for your AM/FM radio. The splitter is very similar to the discontinued Firestik AR1A. Learn More
  6. Premium Belden Mini 8 Coaxial Cable with Amphenol PL259's


    If you are looking for the best possible coax cable for your CB radio, these Belden mini 8 jumpers are 95% shielded and have individually hand soldered Amphenol PL259's. Learn More
  7. Replacement CB Radio Speaker Cord w/ 3.5mm Plug


    This replacement CB radio speaker cord is great if you need to replace an old worn out cord or just need to add a little more length to your current cord. It is 10' long and has a 3.5mm right angle plug installed. Learn More
  8. Amphenol PL 259 Connector


    The Amphenol PL 259 is the best possible PL259 to use on your CB radio coaxial cable. To install on any other coaxial cable other than RG8, you must have a proper reducer. Reducers are made for Mini 8, RG58 and RG59 coaxial cable. Learn More
  9. PL259 Reducer For Mini 8 Coaxial Cable


    This PL259 reducer can be used in conjunction with most PL259's. It allows your standard PL259 to work on Mini 8 coaxial cable. Learn More
  10. President 711-SX 12 Watt CB Radio External Speaker


    The President 711-SX CB radio external speaker is the most popular speaker on the market today. The 711 is quality manufactured and includes mounting bracket and a 10 foot cord with 3.5mm plug. If you own a CB radio, then the President 711-SX CB radio speaker is a must have. Learn More
  11. 102" Whip Tie Down


    Easily lower your 102" whip antenna with this gutter mount tie down. It attaches to any gutter on your vehicle and has a place for the whip to attach. Never worry about low bridges damaging your antenna again! Learn More
  12. Midland 22540 CB Radio Headset

    Midland CB Radio Headset


    The Midland 22540 CB radio headset is perfect for complete hands-free operation of your handheld CB radio. The comfortable headset is completely adjustable for the perfect fit. The boom microphone swivels up out of the way when not in use. Learn More
  13. Replacement Microphone Cord For Cobra 75 WX ST CB Radio

    Replacement Microphone Cord For Cobra 75 WX ST CB Radio


    Replacement Microphone Cord For Cobra 75 WX ST CB Radio Learn More
  14. Stryker SR65BC Noise Cancelling CB Microphone


    The Stryker SR65BC is the ultimate CB radio microphone. The unique design and quality construction is second to none. Stryker is known for making their products to be the best in the industry and their SR65BC microphone is certainly no exception. The Stryker SR65BC microphone has the highest quality noise cancelling cartridge for the best possible sound quality. The 4 pin connector comes pre-wired on the 9' coiled cord and fits any standard Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy or other 4 pin radio. Learn More
  15. CB Radio Power Cord Quick Disconnect


    If you want to be able to quickly remove your CB radio from your vehicle, you need a CB radio power cord quick disconnect. The 16 gauge quick disconnect installs in your current power cord line. A must have for Jeep owners! Learn More
  16. Astatic 636L CB Microphone with Gearkeeper Mic Hanger

    Astatic 636L CB Microphone with Gearkeeper Mic Hanger


    In this great combination package, you get the famous noise canceling Astatic 636L CB microphone and the Gearkeeper retractable microphone hanger. Sold seperately you would pay $49.95, but we are selling them for $39.95 or less when bought in quantity. Learn More
  17. Firestik SS24A Side Body CB Antenna Mount

    Firestik SS24A Side Body CB Antenna Mount


    The Firestik SS24A is a stainless steel L bracket that can attach to any vertical surface. Depending on the installation, the SS24A can support antennas up to 7' tall. This CB antenna mount include the Firestik K4A stud mount which can accept any 3/8 x 24 threaded antenna and coaxial cable terminated with a PL259 connector. Learn More
  18. CB Antenna Fold Down Adapter with Allen Screw

    CB Antenna Fold Down Adapter with Allen Screw


    This CB antenna fold down adapter pivots a full 180 degrees to your desired antenna angle. The included allen screw can be tightened to hold the adapter at your precise angle. This fold down adapter fits any 3/8" x 24 threaded antenna stud and antennas up to 4' can be installed to it. Learn More
  19. Ford F250 F350 CB Antenna Mount 2011-2014


    Get that fresh from the factory look for your CB antenna. This CB antenna mount is for the 2011-2014 Ford F350 and 2012-2014 Ford F250 models. It installs easily on the driver's side fender with one bolt. This mount includes a ring terminal stud mount that can be used with any CB antenna up to 4' in height and any coaxial cable terminated with a ring terminal such as the Firestik K8. Learn More
  20. Astatic Mini 8 CB Radio Coaxial Cable

    Astatic Mini 8 CB Radio Coaxial Cable


    Astatic Mini 8 CB radio coaxial cable is made from high quality RG8X (mini 8) coaxial cable. This coax has 95% shielded for maximum protection from loss of signal. The Astatic coaxial cable also has a gray PVC jacket and two PL259 connectors for easy plug to plug connections. This CB radio coaxial cable comes in three lengths; 3 foot, 9 foot, and 18 foot. Learn More
  21. Astatic PL259 Connector

    Astatic PL259 Connector


    The Astatic PL 259 connector is a high quality coaxial cable connector for RG8 cable. You can add a reducer to fit RG8X (Mini 8), RG58 or RG59 coaxial cable. Learn More
  22. Astatic PDC5 CB Antenna SWR Meter & Matcher

    Astatic PDC5 CB Antenna SWR Meter & Matcher


    The Astatic PDC5 is a 100 watt power and SWR meter but also is an antenna matcher. Using an SWR meter is vital to the performance of your CB antenna. With the PDC5 the power meter has 2 scales for accurate readings, 0-10 watts and 0-100 watts. The antenna matching capability of the PDC5 can be extremely important if you are having trouble getting a good SWR reading. The Astatic PDC5 includes an 18" coaxial jumper to connect directly to your CB radio. Learn More
  23. Quad CB Antenna Magnet Mount

    Quad CB Antenna Magnet Mount


    The quad magnet CB antenna mount has four 5" black magnets for maximum hold. With four magnets you are able to mount the largest of the mobile CB antennas without fear of losing it. This mount has a 3/8 x 24 threaded stud for most CB antennas. Attached to the mount is 18' of premium coaxial cable with a PL259 installed. Learn More
  24. Lumna Lighted Noise Cancelling CB Microphone

    Regular Price: $89.95

    Special Price: $79.95

    The Lumna lighted CB microphone is unlike any microphone in the market. The Lumna CB microphone features a lighted microphone cord! There are 5 colors to choose from including blue, green, purple, red and white. The microphone itself is noise canceling so unwanted outside interference is at a minimum. Learn More
  25. Uniden Bearcat 880 CB Radio Plus BC906W Wireless Microphone Combo

    Uniden Bearcat 880 CB Radio Plus BC906W Wireless Microphone Combo


    We have paired the Uniden Bearcat 880 CB radio and the BC906W wireless CB microphone in one low cost package. The Bearcat 880 features a 7 color backlight choice along with features such as talkback, a completely digital face and NOAA weather channels built in. The Uniden BC906W microphone uses DECT 6.0 secure wireless operation for the best sound. The BC906W also has an 8 hour battery life. This combo is the lowest price we have ever offered. They will go fast so get yours today! Learn More

Items 1 to 25 of 251 total

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