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We are here to provide industry leading communication equipment and supplies for professional drivers, recreational off-roaders, hikers, boaters and more.  Our aim is to ensure each of our customers receives the tools they need to meet their needs.  It is a busy world and none of us have time to wait around so one of our primary goals at FTL is to be FAST, hence, the FTL (Faster than Light) Although we can’t actually travel faster than light, we make it our top priority to pull, pack and ship your order within 24 hours.  In most cases we will ship your order the same day. 

We at FTL are making a name for ourselves in the consumer electronics industry, which means we will take every step necessary to ensure our customers are satisfied with their experience, from start to finish.  If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us.  We are here to make sure you are getting exactly what you need and expect.  There are no hidden costs or agendas here at FTL - The price you see is the price you pay.  Always be wary of sites that advertise prices significantly lower than all competitiors.  Don’t waste your time picking out the perfect radio on a “discount” site only to find you’ve duped into paying outrageous shipping and handling fees.  Our shipping quotes are available from various links around our site, as well as the check out page and we make a point to maintain the lowest reasonable prices in the industry. 

There are many websites that offer CB products, but they also sell other electronics, clothes, computer parts, food, etc.  How can you put your trust in someone who specializes in furniture and cosmetics to be able to provide the expertise you deserve when selecting the best radio or antenna for your needs? We didn’t think you should have to which is why we at FTL know our products and can answer your questions based on our first hand experience with the products we sell.  We have many years of experience in the CB industry and pride ourselves on being able to really help when you have concerns about a certain product or can’t decide which setup is right for you. Someone who doesn't know the difference between an echo board and a microphone is not someone you should be buying from.


To all of you, from all of us at FTL Distributing - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Jack O'Neill

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